You can do cardio exercises without leaving home

Cardiovascular exercises are what make us lose fat, however, not all of them consist of going for a run nor do they require equipment

You can do cardio exercises without leaving home

When we think of doing cardio without any machine, going for a run comes to mind. However, there are many very simple exercises to perform but with which you can work your cardiovascular system at the highest level. Because sometimes you don’t need to go running for an hour when you can direct well-structured exercises that get the most out of your effort

‘Jumping Jacks’

Relaxedly, stand upright and place your feet together and your hands at your sides. Jump forward and separate your feet one by one while bringing your hands up, slapping your head on top. Finally, jump back to your starting position, putting your feet back together and your hands on the sides of your body. Repeat this movement.

The form of landing after the jumps should be based on the ground with the toes, so that you bend the knees slightly, to minimize the impact with poor knee posture.


In the same way as the jumping jack, start the exercise from a relaxed position, standing, and do a plank placing your hands on the ground, at shoulder height, and with an impulse, bring your legs back, as in a flex; touch the ground with your chest and from this moment carry out the reverse movements: push yourself up with your legs to get up and jump by slapping your head. And you know, repeat the movement.

Jumping JacksDespite its simplicity, it is a very complete exercise that will burn calories and work the muscles of the abdomen, legs and arms .

Run without leaving the place

Begin this exercise standing up, with your hands on either side of your body and your feet together. Now start your race: run in place, lifting your legs and paying special attention to making your knees try to reach chest level. Keep in mind to give the organic movement that your arms ask of you , move them back and forth, quickly.


With just 30 seconds you can take full advantage of this exercise, because by running in place and keeping your knees high you are performing a clean movement that takes advantage of all the effort you make and minimizes the impact on the joints. As a tip: keep in mind that by not moving you should stay upright, with your back straight but relaxed.


In a plank position, with your palms resting on the ground at shoulder height, your arms straight, and your legs resting on the tip, start the movement, alternately bringing your knees to your chest.


In this exercise balance plays an important role, the faster you do it, the more difficult it is to maintain, but as you get used to it you will be able to check your evolution. Get the movement to be as fluid as possible, and to do this, start slowly and gradually increase the speed. It is always preferable that an exercise is well done before going fast.

As you can see, this exercise is called a climber because the movement seems similar to what we would do in an upright position, going up a mountain at high speed.

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