Why can’t you lose weight on proper nutrition?

“Eating right” is trending now. Millions of people are on POPs, but some of them are still struggling to be obese. Why?


Because many losing weight do not know how to adequately assess the calorie content of their PP diet and deceive themselves. Spent camping a number of studies, Mr. de people ate on the rules PP asked to evaluate your diet in calories. ERROR all were . There was also an interesting episode when a plump girl estimated her diet at 1200 kcal On the matter as it turned out that her diet was yaet 3000 kcal daily. She did not correctly assess the caloric content of many products in t that the Isle and PP salads, generously pouring their “naisamym and useful  “olive and flaxseed oil If you pour half glasses of oil into a healthy spinach salad ( about 200 g ) , then more than 200 kcal will be added, which multiplies the final calorie content of the dish. 

  • People who do not use special applications and do not introduce their diet thoroughly and in a timely manner tend to underestimate the amount of food eaten by an average of 430 kcal.


In the photo, a plate of powdered sugar corn sticks and three bars of approximately equal weight. Fitness bar made of cereals is the least calorie of all presented per 100 g of weight , it’s true. Although the information on the calorie content on the label, unlike other bars, you have to look for with a microscope.

  • Sweet corn sticks: 15 g. / 440 kcal. / B 5.5 g / F 14 / U 74 ;
  • Milky Way: 26 g / 452 kcal. / B 2.7 g / F 16.5 / U 72.8 g;
  • Nesquik: 22 g / 539 kcal. / B 5.8 g / F 32 g / U 56 g;
  • Fitness bar: 26 g. / 363 kcal. 6.0 g / F 5 g / U 73.8 g;

Total calories for bars and sweet corn sticks in ascending order: 

  • Corn sticks: 66 kcal;
  • Fitness: 94.4 kcal;
  • Milky Way: 117 kcal;
  • Nesquik: 118.6 kcal;


Fitness bar made from cereals in sugar syrup is almost the same as “harmful” chocolates of the same mass. And about 50% more calories than a pile of sweet corn sticks (15 g). 


PP followers, buying fitness bars made from cereals, want to treat themselves to a tasty treat and get more benefits. Many of them think that such bars are an order of magnitude superior to harmful chocolate, and therefore they can afford a couple of bars per evening on a regular (!) Basis . Benefit must be received every day!

Now let’s compare Milky Way with the calorie content of one medium apple. Different varieties of apples contain different amounts of calories – with sweet varieties, such as Golden, contain about 66 kcal, sour ones – less high in calories. Apple (taking into account the non-eaten middle): 172-174 (see photo) x 60 kcal. = 103 calories and overall Almost as much as a chocolate bar contains!  But at the same time, of course, it seems that the chocolate bar is harmful, and the apple is healthy. So what conclusion do we make? That’s right, you need fewer chocolates (better without them at all), and more apples. At least two or three.

What sauces do PP followers buy? Of course, none. Why buy sauces and light store mayonnaise for 150-200 calories, it is better to cook them yourself – calories 600-650 calories. This is three times more calories!

  • It is good if there is a measure in the consumption of high-calorie foods. It’s even better when you have a basic understanding of the calorie content of foods and raw materials. It is worse when, under the slogan: “This is useful!”, This measure is assessed with an error, the same one that was mentioned at the beginning.

CONCLUSION : “Why count calories, I eat right, according to the principles of PP. And the belly? What’s wrong with the belly? This is the same age. ” (Sarcasm, almost a quote).

THE PRESENT CONCLUSION : Eating PP without counting calories does not guarantee survival from obesity . Most often, it is possible to reduce the weight on the PP without counting, due to a random coincidence in the selection of products and their quantity.

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