Train your abs for all these reasons

A trained abs are synonymous with a flat stomach, and that is why it is the number one goal of those who want to do physical exercise. However, there are more very important benefits for our health that should make us work the abdominal area.

Train your abs for all these reasons

When it comes to looking for an area to train, the abdominals are one of the most sought-after parts of the body and that we are most obsessed with, because it is a key area for our figure. It also intervenes in our body posture, and if we keep our abs trained we will be preventing injuries, discomfort and pain in the long term.

Improve balance

The abdominal area serves as support for the control of the balance of our body, because in the trunk are the muscles that support our anatomy. There is no physical movement that we realize that does not intervene in the abdominals or the lower back, which is why it is so important to maintain your balance and well-being.

Careless abdominals can develop scoliosis or lordosis, which are curvatures of the spine that can occur both during development, puberty, or in adulthood as a result of a sedentary life and poor posture habits.

Train your abs for all these reasons

The balance that our abs give us is what saves us from a stumble when we walk on uneven ground, on the rocks of the countryside or on poorly preserved sidewalks in the city. A fall in these situations is not only avoided by our brain, by managing to find the best point on which to put the foot and move forward, but our abdominal area is what makes us not hesitate and fall into a false step.

Minimize the risk of injury

Exercising the abdominals is also working the middle and lower back area in a collateral way. If we do not do this training, it is likely that we will suffer when taking weight or when bending over to pick something up. It is not only a question of resistance, the force that is capable of exerting and compensating our abdominal and back area also intervenes in the possibility of injury.

A good posture of our trunk is directly related to the abdominals, and not so much with what we can consciously articulate when we decide to modify our body position. Maintaining strong abs guarantees that the spine does not wear out when maintaining bad postures, and that the good ones are adjusted to our routine in an organic way.

Poor posture produces injuries and complications such as herniated discs, and in the long run they cause the body weight not to be distributed properly and other muscular problems emerge.

Improve breathing

If the abdominal area is responsible for many aspects of our well-being, so is breathing, and precisely that action has a lot to do with this area of ​​the body. The diaphragm and intercostals are very important respiratory muscles, which the stronger they are maintained, the more capacity for respiratory resistance they provide.

According to a study by Strength and Conditioning Research, a stronger abdominal area from training guarantees more correct breathing and easier breathing. This, in addition, enhances a better use of the oxygen that enters our lungs, translating into a global well-being for our entire organism.

Protect our organs

Behind the abdominal area are the most important vital organs of our body: stomach, esophagus, kidneys, spleen, pancreas and intestines. The shield that protects them from the outside are the abdominals and the lumbar area; they are muscles that, well exercised, perform a more consistent protective function than when they remain untrained.

Train the abs without neglecting the rest of the body

Although on many occasions we intend to enhance a specific part of our body because we consider that it is where the extra kilos accumulate and that reveal our lack of exercise, in the long run one of the best advice we can receive is that, when it comes to exercise physical, it is convenient to train the whole body equally. When we put all the effort in a single area and neglect the rest, a decompensation can occur that is counterproductive for our body.

However, a training focused on the abdominals, and only on them, makes every minute we invest very inefficient, because the body needs to be worked together, and we will never find a total and full well-being in one area, while we maintain the rest neglected. The most satisfactory results emerge when the training is mixed, and it is both aerobic and invigorating.

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