This Is How The Ten-Day Diet Works To Lose 5 Kilos Without Starving

This Is How The Ten-Day Diet Works To Lose 5 Kilos Without Starving

By following the simple guidelines that this diet proposes, you can achieve that weight loss you were looking for

Photo: 10-day diet to lose 5 kilos. (Ive Erhard for Unsplash)
10-day diet to lose weight 5 kilos.

There are many factors that can influence weight loss such as age, sex, physical activity …, but without a doubt one of the most important is diet . Thus, eating in a proper and balanced way can be key to achieving our goals and losing weight in a healthy way.

There are many foods that we choose for convenience and speed when consuming them, but in the long run they can end up damaging our health and preventing us from losing weight. This is precisely one of the things that the 10-day diet points out .

10-day diet to lose weight 5 kilos. (Patrick Fore for Unsplash)
10-day diet to lose weight 5 kilos. 

This eating plan ensures that some foods can create an addiction similar to that experienced with some drugs and, as with these, it is best to stop them from the roots and become aware of our problem.

Substances such as sugar, salt, harmful fats or monosodium glutamate, which can be found in ultra-processed products , should cease to be part of our menu, making room for natural products, mainly fruits and vegetables.

This is stated by the nutritionist doctor Mark Hymann in his book ‘The 10-day detox diet’, which you can find on Amazon for 17 euros (buy here) . In it, he teaches us how to lose 5 kilos throughout these ten days of a detox diet, cornering the less healthy products and spending more time in the kitchen.

10-day diet to lose weight 5 kilos. (Nadine Primeau for Unsplash)
10-day diet to lose weight 5 kilos. 

This is one of the main points, the first thing to do is enter our kitchens and pantries and get rid of everything that is not healthy, reflecting on the benefits of the foods that we have been consuming so far.

Once we have a clean pantry of all those products that are not good for our health, it is time to plan, to make a shopping list in which to write down everything we are going to need, opting for fruits and vegetables, better if they are in season.

Far from bland preparations with little flavor, one of the things he proposes is to bet on spices such as turmeric, cayenne and thyme, which are also detoxifying. Also by the use of seeds, sauces such as Dijon mustard and vegetable oils, such as olive oil, to prepare dishes full of flavor but healthy.

10-day diet to lose weight 5 kilos. (Prachi Palwe for Unsplash)
10-day diet to lose weight 5 kilos. 

He recommends avoiding dairy and coffee for breakfast, ensuring that they can cause inflammation in the body. Instead consider having a nice bowl of fresh fruit with a hint of ginger or a smoothie with chia, pumpkin or hemp seeds.

During the meal we can eat until we are satisfied, there is no limit of quantity thus preventing us from going hungry. It proposes a hot broth or a salad super buffet in which we can include all the vegetables we want, preferably without starch. This meal is accompanied by a portion of protein such as chicken, turkey or salmon, made on the grill or in the oven.

Dinner is the intake that allows us to be more creative, as long as it is made up of proteins and non-starchy vegetables . For example, choosing to prepare a salmon with candied onions or chicken with vegetables in a wok. You can switch from animal protein to plant-based ones, like tofu or tempeh.

Diet of the 10 days to lose 5 kilos. (Caroline Attwood for Unsplash)
Diet of the 10 days to lose 5 kilos. (Caroline Attwood for Unsplash)

During the ten days that the diet lasts, you are expected to follow it strictly, although it allows making small exceptions . Bet on a more careful diet and the only carbohydrates that it allows are those found in vegetables. Although the duration of the plan is short, it can be very restrictive.

However, as we always recommend, before making any changes to your diet, it is best to consult with a specialist so that they can guide you through the process so that it is safe and you can achieve your goals without putting your health at risk. Even more so if it is restrictive proposals like this one.

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