There are some carbohydrates that DO help you lose weight, guess which ones?

Pasta and desserts are not forbidden in the diet plan of this ‘fitness’ expert


Restrictive diets in which one or more nutrient groups are completely banned are out of fashion. Now what it takes is to know the properties of each food and choose healthy dishes that include all the macronutrients . They already said it from Harvard University in their design of the perfect breakfast , a dish in which proteins, cereals, vegetables or fats are welcome from first thing in the morning. What many experts agree on is how effective quantity control is, a method in which even dessert is allowed if it is enjoyed with measure . And if there is a section of the nutritional pyramid that many fear when they want to lose weight, that’s the one for carbohydrates. To take away your fear and benefit from the energy that carbohydrates provide, fitness specialist and influencer  Rachel Dillon points out servings that do not exceed 400 calories .

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The importance of hydrates

“Carbohydrates are LIFE! Not only are they your body’s favorite gasoline, they are also used for many important functions . They help with energy levels, cognitive functioning and feed the muscles”, explains Rachel Dillon in her networks, waxer of the Bodies by Rachel toning program that transforms the physique of hundreds of thousands of women throughout the world. All those who follow his method point out how liberating it was for them to be able to eat everything without remorse, a change from the traditional conception of a diet in which some food groups are forgotten. “I have definitely learned the importance of nutrition when you are toning your body”, assures one of her clients in the social profile of the influencer .

Control the quantities

For the expert, the secret lies in portion control, a system that many celebrities have already signed up for  and which consists of knowing the amount of macronutrients that each dish should add: “I try to include the size of my thumb in fat, the size of my palm in protein and then I add vegetables without limit . I wish I had learned it in school, ” explained actress Nina Dobrev about the new, no-holds-barred approach she has taken to her diet. When it comes to carbohydrates, Rachel points to the ones you can afford without shooting up the number of calories you consume each day. The most important? Adapt the amounts to the physical exercise that you are going to do each day: the more you move, the more energy your body will need.


Less than 400 calories

The list of carbohydrates allowed by Rachel Dillon begins with pasta, a food that has recently been shown to have the ability to help you lose weight  and that the expert points out that it only contributes 167 calories if you include 34 grams in salads or vegetable recipes to the steam. Bread is another ingredient that fat celebrities don’t banish from their diet, like Malena Costa, who enjoys her healthy toasts and stays in shape at the same time. From Bodies by Rachel they  explain that 41 grams of the integral variety add up to an average of 225 calories. Y For those who can’t resist fries, their most nutritious alternative comes in the form of sweet potatoes , with 93 calories per 21 grams and the ability to become your new favorite snack .

Those who are not able to control themselves with bread, rice cakes become a healthy option with which to replace it , 80 grams contain about 380 calories and help increase energy levels before a workout. Or oatmeal, the favorite breakfast of fit girls that also keeps the hair more beautiful. Finally come the proposals for those who need a sweet detail every day:  honey works as the natural sweetener that replaces sugar and provides about 330 calories per 80 grams; bananas, grapes or mango are the energetic raw materials with which to create homemade sorbets or ice creams; and also dates, the fruit of the date palm suitable for a sweet tooth that calms the appetite and adds more flavor to desserts.

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