The right sweets: what you can do when you are on the PP

Proper nutrition is not a diet with many restrictions, when you cannot eat exactly what you most want. Almost everything is possible with proper nutrition, including sweets. Limit baked goods, ice cream, pastries, cakes, and candies, of course. But who said that sweet is just sugar?

There are many sugar-free sweets that not only do not harm your figure in reasonable amounts, but are also good for your health. These include fruits rich in vitamins, nuts, honey, as well as some traditional sweets. Of course, even they should not be abused, but sometimes you can pamper yourself.

So what sweets can you eat if you are on a PP?

Nuts and dried fruits



These foods are actually indispensable in the diet of any person. Due to the high calorie content of nuts, they provide a long-lasting feeling of fullness, and dried fruits will become an excellent basis for drinks and can easily replace sweets.

The sweetest dried fruits are dates. They contain up to 70% sucrose and fructose, more than 20 amino acids and vitamins. Moreover, they help to strengthen the enamel of the teeth, unlike sweets, due to the content of trace elements useful for it, they help to restore the intestinal microflora and support brain activity.

Dried apricots contain more vitamins and minerals than fresh apricots. It is good for vision, heart and helps to strengthen the immune system.

Raisins contain a high concentration of B vitamins, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron. Just like grapes, they contain a lot of sugar and are quite nutritious.



You can choose any nuts to your taste. They are always useful, even for those who do not comply with the PP, but it is worth limiting their consumption to 20-30 g per day, since they contain a lot of calories.

You can make PP candies from nuts and dried fruits: just chop several types of dried fruits and nuts, add honey, mix and make balls from the resulting mass, which can then be rolled in carob (carob cocoa substitute) or seeds.


This product consists entirely of fruits, so if it is a candy with no added sugar, it can be eaten even with the most restrictive diet.

Black chocolate



Chocolate with a cocoa-beans content of at least 72%, it is also called bitter, is not only allowed for PP, but even recommended by some nutritionists. It has a positive effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, improves mood and well-being.

The daily norm of dark chocolate is no more than 20 g.

Soufflé and jelly

These desserts not only will not harm either your figure or your stomach, as they are made on the basis of gelatin – a protein necessary for our body, but will also bring tangible benefits to the ligaments and joints.


Both fresh and baked fruits are excellent dietary sweets and an alternative to cakes and sweets.

Muesli bars

It is better to make such bars yourself, but you can also buy them in a specialized store, after carefully reading the composition, since manufacturers often add sugar and vegetable oils to them.

As we can see, even people on the strictest diet have something to feast on for dessert. And proper nutrition gives him even more opportunities!

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