The key foods to fight cellulite

A simple remedy such as choosing certain foods can help alleviate this problem that is aggravated during the summer due to increased fluid retention.


Cellulite is undoubtedly in the ‘top ten’ of concerns with the arrival of summer. However, it is not an exclusively aesthetic problem, but it also affects our health ; Since, on some occasions, especially in cases of edematous cellulitis, there are symptoms such as intense pain, inflammation or hardening of the affected body areas. In addition, most of the time, it is associated with a circulatory and lymphatic disorder and a tendency to fluid retention., which is aggravated by high temperatures. And it is that, if our circulatory system does not work correctly, the waste substances (liquids and toxins) transported by the lymphatic system cannot be eliminated by natural means; reason why it stagnates in the tissues forming the annoying cellulite.

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