The best snacks on the road and on vacation and a great recipe to top it off

Summer has begun, and we can actively travel. We head south, north, or the other side of the globe for the holidays.

And we all have something in common. We must eat on these trips, preferably relatively well.


We got in touch with our experts (some you know from our blog) to tell us how they are solving the food problem in travel.

Here’s the first portion of their advice.

Nejlepší svačiny na cesty

Hana Malkova

It always depends on where and how I travel. Abroad, I love to taste local delicacies, so I’m not the type to pack cutlets with me for a whole week. If we are traveling by car, and I know that somewhere along the way it will be possible to stop, in a restaurant or even in a supermarket, I’d better buy something on the way. And just in case, I will take with me products with a long shelf life, which usually remain the next time, most often: bread, jerky and some kind of biscuits.

But if we spend most of the day in the car on the highway, and I suspect that the only thing that gets in the way is a gas station or McDonald’s, I’d better cook myself some snacks for the trip. Most often it is a sandwich with meat, ham or cheese.

What I will never forget is the vegetable lunch box (I usually take it on the plane), the most practical of which are cherry tomatoes, radishes, or other options like peppers or lettuce.

  • People usually tend to cope with boredom on the road with the help of food, it is better to gradually wean this habit, but if it does not work out, then vegetables are the best option.

In addition to sandwiches, couscous or pasta salad, which do not need to be heated, came in very handy for me on trips. And the plus is that they can be prepared from almost anything and at least get rid of the leftovers in the refrigerator before leaving.

Nejlepší svačiny na cesty

Radoslava Dolezhalova

Everyone in life has been in a situation where he needs to get food while traveling, but at the same time he does not want to visit the typical road fast food. While it can be argued that it won’t hurt once, but the nutritional value of such food is very low, and soon you will be hungry and definitely tired again .

  • An important task is the time during which you will have to come up with food from your own resources. It is important that you take the time to do this and really eat slowly.

We can also prepare a wide variety of travel food. Snacks may be similar to those you are used to, i.e. fresh fruits, ideally apples, various forms of bread, bars, sticks. A good choice of “main course” is a vegetable salad with meat and a high-quality carbohydrate component.

Be careful to use “hard vegetables” such as peppers or cucumbers, it is best to avoid fresh tomatoes (sun-dried tomatoes are a good choice). For example, chicken pasta salad, chickpea salad, or lentil salad are ideal You can definitely use nuts or parmesan. And the typical cutlets are also a good choice (smiles).

But what should not be underestimated, especially on the road, is the drinking regimen! Still water is ideal. Personally, I also like homemade teas, mint or ginger in plastic bottles. Drink a maximum of half a liter of sparkling water per day.

Nejlepší svačiny na cesty

Michaela Weisova

I’m one of those women who should have a healthy snack on hand anytime, wherever they are. I love fruits, homemade sandwiches or homemade chopsticks when traveling.

I will share with you a very simple, quick, healthy, adaptable and very good recipe for apple cranberry cashew sticks.


  • 1 cup pitted dates or figs
  • ½ cup chopped cashews
  • ½ cup cashew butter
  • ¾ cup dried cranberries
  • ½ cup grated apple


Mix all ingredients well in a blender. Form sticks from the mixture, place on a tray and refrigerate overnight. The next day, the sticks are firm and ready to eat, a versatile recipe that you can easily adapt to your taste based on your body’s needs and the time of year. Instead of cranberries, you can use other dried fruits that you like. Any other nuts and oils made from cashews and oils can be used in place of cashew nuts and oils. Then just pack, throw in your bag and you can travel.

Not only you, but also your kids will definitely appreciate this snack.

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