The 5-minute ‘flat stomach’ routine that you can copy wherever you are

Ten exercises designed to tone the abdomen in record time

flat stomach

After the boom in home workouts and after several weeks in which temperatures pass (long) 30ºC, you may have postponed your fitness plan until September, when you return to the gym . The problem is that most experts agree that consistency is essential to be in shape . The good news is that quick workouts have come to help you combat laziness and maintain the results you have achieved so far, in fact, this abdominal routine that youtuber and model Sanne Vloet follows may be just what you needed to show off. waist despite summer excesses. Does the promise of the top? That with  only 5 minutes you can activate the core muscles , a small daily effort with which you will be much closer to having a flat stomach .


Sanne Vloet is a Swiss model known worldwide for having walked for the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand. He is also a youtuber and uploads videos to his channel in which he shares his interest in nutrition and sports. He has recently published a recording in which he practices an abdominal routine with Sami Clarke, also a model but specialized in fitness : “Summer has arrived and I have been looking for quick 5-minute workouts that I can do at home”, explains Sanne about these 10 exercises of 30 seconds each that take almost no time to enjoy the rest of your vacation and for which you only need a mat or soft surface.

1. Extended abs

To begin, lie on the mat on your back and perform classic crunches at the same time that you extend your legs forward when you lower your torso and bring your knees closer to your chest when you lift it. It is important that you breathe out when you do the push-up and that you breathe in when you lay your back on the floor.


2. Alternate leg raises

Now, keep the same position as in the previous exercise, with the trunk lying on the mat and both hands behind the neck, but lift the bent legs so that they form a 90º angle. Next, perform a crunch at the same time that you bring your right knee towards your chest , lower it and repeat the movement with the opposite leg.

3. Climbers

This time, lie on your stomach in a plank position, supporting your body weight with the palms of your hands and the balls of your feet flat on the floor. Then bring your right knee closer to your left elbow, and vice versa . It is important that you keep all the muscles in tension throughout the 30 seconds that the exercise lasts.

4. Crunches in ‘V’

Lie back on your back, lean your torso resting the palms of your hands on the ground and raise your legs bent at a 90º angle. Next, bring both knees towards the left chest and return to the starting position rotating the trunk to reach the left chest this time.


5. Touching the ground

Now lie on your back with your arms stretched out on both sides of your body, raise both legs at a 90º angle, then touch the toe of your right foot to the ground, return to the starting position and repeat the descent with your left foot . Remember that you must always keep the trunk in tension.

When you finish these 5 exercises, start the circuit again until you complete the 10 movements with which you will strengthen the abdomen during the holidays. One of the advantages is that it is suitable for beginners and that you can always increase the intensity by doing more repetitions in each 30 second interval. Check out the video of Sanne and Sami doing this express workout together below, ideal until you get back to the gym in September:

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