Sport, the best ally to win the battle against obesity

Sedentary lifestyle is linked to an increase in overweight cases

The rates of obesity and overweight are growing alarmingly in our society and one of the main culprits is the increase in sedentary lifestyle. For this reason, and although it is something more than obvious, it should be remembered that sport becomes our best ally to prevent these problems. And it is that not only a healthy diet helps us against being overweight. This is recommended by the Obesity Institute, led by Dr. Adelardo Caballero, who emphasizes that regular and constant sports practice is one of the main factors to avoid obesity and overweight, while allowing to maintain an optimal level in what quality of life is concerned.

Not surprisingly, the latest report on Global Health Risks, published in 2009, places the lack of physical activity as the fourth factor among the causes of deaths on our planet, surpassed only by smoking, high blood pressure and excess weight.

This same study ranks physical inactivity in sixth place by listing the factors causing loss of years of health. In this case, smoking is also found in the first place, followed by alcohol abuse, overweight / obesity, and then by high blood pressure and high glucose. After the lack of physical activity, other agents such as high cholesterol, drug use, occupational risks and low consumption of fruits and vegetables complete the list. Likewise, and if obesity and lack of physical activity are considered together given their enormous relationship, it can be established that between the two they account for 16.1% of annual deaths worldwide; 9.6% loss of years of life with health and 14% of health expenditure.

Sedentary youth
Things get complicated if we take into account that this sedentary-obesity cocktail occurs in increasingly younger ages, and the appearance of both risk factors is advancing in time, so that they are established in increasingly younger people, even from childhood.

Even so, and despite frequent recommendations, the sports habits of the Spanish population are not good. According to the latest National Health Survey, 60% of the Spanish adult population is sedentary, while 60% of those under 15 years of age did not engage in physical activity on any day in the week prior to being asked.

On this basis, the Obesity Institute wants to alert to the numerous scientific evidences that show how harmful it is for human beings to lead a sedentary life. Not doing enough physical activity is harmful because the human body is designed to move, and when the different body systems are not used, our body atrophies and becomes ill.

All are advantages
Thus, among the scientifically demonstrable benefits reported by the practice of activity, we can highlight, among others, the reduction in mortality; the prevention of cardiovascular and coronary diseases ; lowering blood pressure and preventing hypertension; the improvement of blood lipids and lipoproteins; preventing overweight and obesity and improving body fat distribution; the prevention and improvement of type 2 diabetes mellitus; reducing the incidence of colon cancer; improvement in low back pain, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis ; the improvement of the quality of life and autonomy in the elderly; and the prevention and improvement of depression and anxiety.

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