Perfection in food and in life: is it so important to seem like the perfect person?

Each of us tries to be the best.

The best at work, in your personal life, the best person for our loved ones or in sports, as well as the best in relation to yourself …


This is how this “philosophy” is presented to us in the media and especially on social networks. Today and forever. Surely most of you are watching someone who they think is perfect. Whether in relation to work or taking care of your appearance, which, of course, includes a healthy diet.

Dokonalost v jídle i životě: Je to vůbec potřeba?

It’s no secret that Instagram, for example, is full of people who travel a lot, play sports, achieve success in their professional life, and post beautiful food in stylish cafes or at home, where healthy meals are not only prepared, but also decorated. An ordinary person, against the background of these successful people, will feel like a “loser”, who only does what he sits at home and goes to work, hardly cares about the household and family, although he may even go for a run once a year. He barely has time to whip up and eat something, let alone decorate, take pictures, make hashtags and share with friends.

  • If you have ever gotten to such a degree of despair that it seems to you that you are lazy and absolutely ordinary person – do not!

You are not the only person in a similar situation, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, perhaps now is the time to realize that the vast majority of people post only the brightest moments of their daily life on social media. So what you see is essentially a cocktail of all their best moments together , and that the average person definitely doesn’t live day in and day out in a holiday feeling.

Dokonalost v jídle i životě: Je to vůbec potřeba?

Try to look at only one specific page, and you will see that everyone is focusing energy in a particular area of ​​life. Someone devotes all their free time to travel, another is engaged in a career, the third spends all their free time in a café, and someone in their profile gives priority to cooking and photographing food. What if this is his job or the only hobby that fills him? We don’t have to immediately compare ourselves with someone. Choose a priority for yourself that will be important only for you. And this is the best thing you can do at this moment. After all, there is nothing wrong with taking care of your children or your health right now. This is all part of our life, and there is no need to be 100 percent good / successful / interesting. Against. Requirements that are too high can often negate all initial efforts. And with the diet, everything is exactly the same. 

Probably everyone has ever said that they would like to change something in their diet. You can meet people who burned out at the very beginning of the journey. They set a goal for themselves and with the beginning of a new day decided to achieve it, no matter what. Directly, uncompromisingly and without hesitation. There would be nothing wrong with that, if the slightest hesitation did not mean for them a total breakdown and the end of any effort. Maybe it would be better for these people if they started to implement changes gradually. Everyone should have time to get used to the new way of life. Maybe then they will understand that even if they have not yet reached perfection, it is already yielding results. For them, this will be an incentive for further changes.

Why is it important to talk about it? The point is that if you want to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and eat right, this does not mean that you have to be overly strict with yourself, lead an almost ascetic lifestyle when it comes to choosing food, and never indulge in sweets. or sitting in a restaurant with friends in the company of good wine. Against. The main goal is to achieve some kind of sustainable balance. That is, to keep your lifestyle (and life in general) under your control in the long run.

Have you thought in this vein about the now popular 30-day marathonsThis is the same when you are on a short-term diet for a while. And what will happen at the end? What happens if I break the marathon rules? Does this mean that all efforts are lost? Is it possible that if I miss one day, the result will be negligible or not at all? Such thoughts can be very demotivating. Every step you take makes a difference and brings you closer to your goal. How quickly you reach it depends on the frequency and size of these steps, and not on the moments when you stand still.

It may be funny, but for illustration purposes, we can imagine traveling by car . I leave home and am going somewhere in another city. I drive, drive, and I suddenly run out of gas. Logically, I will stop at a gas station, refuel, and then continue on to my destination. If we think in this way of all our attempts to find the formula for the ideal diet, it would mean that if I do not reach my destination without stopping, I will have to go home and start my journey again and again. In this case, I will never get to the finish line, because all kinds of circumstances or obstacles naturally appear on my way, and there is always a reason why I have to stop for a while or even just slow down.

  • Therefore, be kind to yourself and allow yourself not to be one hundred percent perfect, allow yourself to slow down sometimes or stop if you need it now.

Even the most advanced nutritionists do this. Many people think that if someone works as a nutritionist, they naturally lead an ascetic lifestyle. How could he “preach water and drink wine”? But all this is not at all so transparent. If you meet a practicing nutritionist on your way to a healthy diet, in the vast majority of cases, he will never forbid you to do something or tell you that you will never eat this product again. 

Dokonalost v jídle i životě: Je to vůbec potřeba?

A good nutritionist should know what balance and rationalization are about healthy eating. Therefore, it is important sometimes not to deny yourself. Eat quality chocolate, try a dessert at a party or very fatty food, go for a barbecue. This does not mean at all that you lead an exclusively unhealthy lifestyle. The main thing is how you live most of the time. Try to exercise regularly, eat enough fruits and vegetables every day, eat sources of fiber, choose quality foods, and generally try to follow official dietary guidelines.

You may have already heard of the so-called 80/20 rule, which perfectly illustrates this situation. If you eat 80% of the correct diet, you can easily have a maximum of 20% for some “weaknesses”, that is, foods that are not completely healthy. Some say 80% is not enough. If everyone adhered to “only” 80% of a healthy diet, nutritionists, with a slight exaggeration, would lose their jobs. Isn’t it nice to know that sometimes I can actually eat what I want and my attempts to eat right won’t automatically fail?

So don’t be too demanding on yourself and set realistic and moderate goals. This will make it easier to achieve them. You will be able to enjoy the progress made. You don’t have to be perfect and perfect, and it’s great to know that no one is really perfect. Therefore, be tolerant of yourself and allow small weaknesses in relation to yourself. 


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