Sport, the best ally to win the battle against obesity

Sedentary lifestyle is linked to an increase in overweight cases The rates of obesity and overweight are growing alarmingly in our society and one of the main culprits is the increase in sedentary lifestyle. For this reason, and although it is something more than obvious, it should be remembered that sport becomes our best ally to […]

If you don’t watch your weight, you can lose your memory

According to the latest studies, being obese can alter your memory since in the long run it increases the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia. The good news is that you have time to protect yourself. The obesity is no longer an aesthetic problem to go to become a serious disorder that impairs the quality of life of […]

Why does poor sleep promote obesity?

Dr. Eduardo Junco He has collaborated for more than 20 years in the magazine ¡HOLA! with popular articles and medical news. In this small section you will find information on all the issues that affect our daily health and well-being. And all this told in an entertaining, didactic and professional style. Several studies have shown that poor sleep […]

Pollution causes obesity (and more)

Although it seems that we have become accustomed to living amidst pollution, this not only damages our respiratory system, but can also cause obesity. Several studies  have recently shown that pollution has very direct effects on health, and specifically, they are related to obesity, because it causes metabolic alterations and inflammation in some organs. These are toxic chemicals that […]

How does obesity influence asthma cases?

Most studies show that excessive weight is a risk factor for the diagnosis of this respiratory problem The number of people affected by asthma continues to grow in developed countries. And in the same way it happens with the increasing cases of obesity. These increases in both pathologies have led to different studies on the degree of […]

Losing abdominal fat is not a question of aesthetics, but of health

Answer this question: what is your Body Mass Index (BMI)? You know, your weight divided by your height squared. If the result is below 25, fine. In theory, you are not obese. Now answer this other: what is your abdominal girth? Ok, let’s talk more clearly. Do you suspect that you have to lose fat especially in the tummy? If so, grab a tape […]

Why, if we exercise, is it essential to have a good diet?

© Adobe Stock All professionals who are dedicated to both sports and nutrition, usually insist on the importance of having a good diet in case of exercising. And it is that doing sports daily and eating a balanced, varied and healthy diet is the perfect combination to achieve an optimal state of health or in case […]

Three minutes of exercise that equals hours in the gym

If you are one of those who cannot find time to go to the gym, this training interests you. Exercising is one of the healthiest habits that a person can incorporate into their daily life. However, not everyone has the time and courage to complete a complete exercise routine. If this is your case, calm down, there is […]

The diseases that you can suffer if you suffer from obesity

Excess weight is related to multiple diseases that put your health at serious risk. Put yourself in the hands of specialists to fight it. The obesity must be taken seriously. It is a chronic disease that poses a serious health problem . For twenty years, the obesity rate in Spain has not stopped growing and it is estimated that it is one […]