Reasons to go to the gym (and have fun)

You keep telling yourself that you should start going to the gym, but you never find the time. Maybe you are missing the following reasons. There are two types of people: those who cannot live without going to the gym and consider it their second home, and those who do not find the motivation to set foot in […]

That the trouser size does not speak for you

You can be a size 36 and have an unhealthy fat percentage Thinness rules and there are many women who create patterns that are not very adjusted to reality; even though this is largely to blame. The world of fashion and its tyranny of mini sizes are a clear example, which can turn something so basic from day to day, […]

Sweeteners, which is better?

Is the solution to replace sugar with other sweeteners? The answer will depend on which one we choose. Better sugar or sweeteners? Surely you have asked yourself this same question on more than one occasion and it is not surprising that it worries you: according to nutritionists, more and more sugar is consumed (think of your shopping basket: processed […]

The 6 healthy fats that don’t make you fat

The population of the western industrialized world consumes more than 40% of total energy in the form of fats. This worries us a lot since, in fact, it can be seen reflected in the increase in obesity in our country and what is even more worrying, childhood. But when we talk about fats, we must differentiate the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’ , […]

Why you should stop counting calories

There are people who think that the success of a healthy diet consists, above all, in keeping a strict control of the calories they consume. Error! Nutritionists agree that the important thing, whether our goal is to lose weight or gain health, are the nutritional properties and quality of the food eaten. Ultimately, it is about eating well […]

Nutriscore, a solution to curb obesity?

Nutrition experts share their thoughts on the new food labeling system. The new food labeling system, Nutriscore, which will be a reality next year and which makes it possible to determine nutritional quality by means of a colored traffic light (from green for the healthiest, to red for those of occasional consumption), is being subject […]

The most common mistakes vegetarians make in the diet

Here are some helpful tips for healthy vegetarian eating. There is much talk about the advantages and disadvantages of following a vegetarian diet. However, it is not necessarily healthier than any other diet – as long as it is balanced – nor does it have to create a nutritional deficit if done correctly. Everything will depend on […]

Fitness trends to be up to date

The world of ‘fitness’ progresses at a frenetic pace, and today it is rare that you do not find among the latest trends the one that best suits you. Today, to play sports you no longer have to limit yourself to the classic activities such as swimming , running or cycling (all of them great, on the […]

Mistakes we make when doing sit-ups

Identify those habits that prevent you from showing off a toned abdomen, despite rigorously complying with your abs tables. You may be killing yourself to do crunches on a daily basis without getting visible results and have started to get discouraged. Do not despair, it may be that you have been exercising consistently for a short […]

Doing sit-ups does not guarantee a flat stomach

The abdomen is one of the parts of the body most prone to accumulating fat. And it seems like abs aren’t (all) the solution. You may be tired of repeating abdominal boards and planks without noticing great advances, and without scoring anything like the long – awaited six-pack , also known as a “tablet.” And the best way to get a flat stomach […]