Baked Apple Slices Recipe

Baked Apple Slices Recipe – How to make easy 4 ingredient oven baked healthy cinnamon sugar dessert – with the video tutorial. Baked Apple Slices Recipe This baked apple slices recipe makes an easy, healthy dessert that has only 4 ingredients. All through apple season I just adore creating sweet apple desserts just like this […]

coach, why am i not losing weight? svetlana Donets explains

“COACH, WHY AM I NOT LOSING WEIGHT?” EXPLAINS FITNESS TRAINER AND PSYCHOLOGIST SVETLANA DONETS It happens that you exercise regularly, change your diet and in general, you do everything right, but you don’t see the results. Or is it not so right? To answer this question, fitness trainer Svetlana Donets collected all possible reasons that move away from […]

healthy breakfast rules and recipes

LET’S GO WITHOUT SUGAR FLAKES: RULES AND RECIPES FOR A HEALTHY BREAKFAST A cereal advertisement in the 40s claimed that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. It’s better to skip sugar cereals for breakfast, but their advertising is not so wrong. Breakfast is important. What should it be to help you keep fit? We sorted it […]

how to lose weight and gain health

water, water and more water….. problem! I struggle with water, as my water lingers and the weight rises! Nutritionist advice (I post only proven methods on myself)! 1. Add food products containing POTASSIUM and MAGNESIUM to the diet. Potassium – regulates the water balance in the body, normalizes the rhythm of the heart muscle, supports […]

Benefits of legumes: qualities, how to avoid gas and healthy recipes

Legumes are a local food with great nutritional properties, which contain fiber and the basic nutrients of our diet (micro and macronutrients). S and has shown that consumption helps combat or prevent many diseases prevalent in our society: obesity, malnutrition, diabetes, constipation, cardiovascular problems, cancer, etc. In addition, increasing the consumption of legumes indirectly helps to reduce the consumption of meat, […]

Myths about weight loss

The most popular 3 myths about weight loss are: difficult, long and not tasty. In our blog, you will learn how to lose weight simply, quickly and, most importantly, deliciously! There are many recipes for low-calorie and tasty dishes and, of course, ready-made menus for 1200 calories a day to help. Even if you are not losing […]

Peanut Butter Mousse Recipe

Peanut Butter Mousse Recipe – How to make the best, easy low carb keto friendly dessert with 3 ingredients – with the simple video tutorial. Peanut Butter Mousse Recipe This peanut butter mousse recipe is the perfect dessert for peanut butter lovers. It’s like a sugar free way to enjoy the flavors of peanut butter […]

Circadian rhythm How can it help our immune system?

The circadian rhythm is our internal clock . It is mainly synchronized by the cycle of light and dark, social interactions, food and physical exercise. It regulates the production of various hormones throughout the 24-hour cycle.The hormone melatonin has high values ​​at night, or in the absence of light, and low during the day. This not only has the […]