Organic food

If we are talking about diet, then we can pay attention to organic food. They have a huge number of advantages over those products that we are used to receiving on a daily basis.

Organic food can be described as organic meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products from animals that are not given antibiotics and growth hormones. Organic products are produced without the use of the most common pesticides, fertilizers from synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge, bioengineering and ionizing radiation.

Agree, it sounds a little scary, as if the conversation is not about those simple products that we buy in the store, but about some kind of invention of military equipment. But it is precisely this kind of food that kills, because, as is clear from the previous text, few people took care of the safety of citizens, and a time bomb in the form of all the same food products sits in each of us.

Organic food is all that is pure and healthy. For some reason, you remember hippies who love everyone and everything.

Of course, there is one small drawback of organic products – they are somewhat expensive and not everyone can afford. But if you take a minimum, for example 3-4 products that you use most often (flour, rice, pasta), then it will be good for a start too.

The high cost of organic matter is explained by the way it is produced. While the soil is being cleared of all chemicals, it is idle for several years and does not yield a crop. Additives like manure are not chemical at all, and animal flesh is not stuffed with antibiotics and growth hormones.

If you nevertheless decide to spend money on your health, then pay attention to the product labeling, so that, as they say, you do not buy a pig in a poke.

If you see “ 100% Organic” on the package , then it must contain organically grown ingredients, excluding added water and salt.

If the label is “organic” , then the products must contain at least 95% organic ingredients, with the exception of added water and salt, and they must not contain sulfites as a preservative, they cause allergies and asthma.

Up to 5% of ingredients can be non-organic.

Another option: “Made with organic ingredients.”

Such products must contain at least 70% organic ingredients, excluding added water and salt. 30% of ingredients may not be organic.

If you see the label on the packaging that the food contains less than 70% organic ingredients, then it will no longer be organic food.

Of course, it is useful for a diet to use organic products, since an uncontaminated body is easier to get rid of toxins and, accordingly, weight loss is faster. For cleansing, you may need additional supplements, for example, from Siberian Health , which help strengthen the digestive system and speed up the process of getting rid of excess fats and toxins. Also, the company’s products improve the condition of the skin and care for the body, hair and mouth, and eco-products for the home will take care of the health of your household no less than organic food products.


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