Losing weight on the keto diet is possible … if you don’t make these six mistakes

Knowing how the ketogenic diet works is essential if we want to be successful when it comes to losing weight and losing a few kilos

placeholderPhoto: Eggplants, like meat, fish or eggs, are a food on the keto diet
Eggplants, like meat, fish, or eggs, are a keto diet food

A few weeks ago we told you which are the ten essential foods in the ketogenic diet or keto diet and we talked about the benefits of this type of diet. Such is the success that it has that more and more people decide to follow it for a few months, with results that are visible to each one.

However, this success does not prevent many from still not knowing how this diet works and making basic mistakes when eating. Therefore, we have gathered the most common mistakes we make when talking about the keto diet , starting with those people who decide to carry out this diet without being clear about what it is about.

Do not forget that the keto diet is based on the substitution of carbohydrates for healthy fats , in such a way that our diet is composed of more than 70 percent of healthy fats and less than 10 percent of carbohydrates, while the rest are proteins. These are the most common mistakes when talking about the ketogenic diet.

Does not cause constipation

The constipation usually occurs when our diet is lacking fiber. No matter what diet we follow: if there is no fiber, we will be constipated . That does not mean that the ketogenic diet causes constipation: if we manage to ingest the necessary fiber we will not have any problems associated with the intestine.

If we manage to ingest the necessary fiber we will not have any problems associated with the intestine

The important thing is that in the food we eat there is a significant amount of fiber. Therefore, the keto diet cannot be without vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage or aubergines or fruits such as avocado . All of them are rich in fiber and are perfect both for following the ketogenic diet and for going to the bathroom regularly.

Does not increase cholesterol

Historically, high-fat diets have been associated with high cholesterol levels and, therefore, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. However, dozens of studies published in recent years have overthrown those ideas, making it clear that healthy fats are far from bad for cholesterol .

placeholderNuts have healthy fats and are good against cholesterol
Nuts have healthy fats and are good against cholesterol

Among those studies is a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in which it was shown that people who followed a low-fat diet lost less weight than those who had followed a low-carbohydrate diet . And, in addition to losing more weight, people who reduced their carbohydrate intake also reduced their chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as cholesterol.

Sweetener should not be abused

The sugar is one of the foods most prohibited in the keto diet. That is why many are looking for substitutes to sweeten their recipes without having to use sweet sugar. The bad news is that not just any sweetener can be used and only a few such as stevia, erythritol or allulose should be part of our diet.

Because some of the most used products in the food industry such as fructose or aspartame are not so healthy . It is not that we should erase them from our day to day but, in the long term, it is better that we replace them with healthy products for those cases in which we need a sweet taste, but do not want to fill our recipe with sugar .

No need to remove alcohol

The presence of alcohol is discouraged in ketogenic diets, basically because of the amount of carbohydrates it contains. However, that does not mean that we must completely eradicate alcohol from our lives, far from it. What the keto diet recommends is that, until you adjust to the recommended fat and carbohydrate intake levels, don’t abuse alcohol , but you don’t need to erase it.

Drinks such as beer or some spirits have a lot of carbohydrates and drinking them will cause you to get out of ketosis

The daily carbohydrate limit is set around 20 grams per day. When our body adapts to this new situation , that figure can be increased to the barrier of 50 grams , approximately, so that there we can go back to drinking alcohol in a moderate way. What is certain is that drinks such as beer or some spirits have a lot of carbohydrates and drinking them will cause you to get out of ketosis.

Ketoacidosis and ketosis are not the same

They are two very different terms, but they are often confused. Ketosis is achieved when following a healthy ketogenic diet, that is, low in carbohydrates and with the supervision of a specialist. The liver stops using glucose as an energy source and replaces it with fat. It is a safe process and it should not affect our health as long as we are not diabetic.

placeholderThe keto diet seeks to reduce carbohydrate intake to less than 10 percent
The keto diet seeks to reduce carbohydrate intake to less than 10 percent

However, ketoacidosis occurs when there is a lack of insulin in the body . In this case, blood sugar rises to dangerous levels and fat stored in the body causes an increase in ketones. When both circumstances are combined it can throw acid levels in the blood out of balance, but if a person is not diabetic, it should not happen.

It is not a high protein diet

People who are first approaching the ketogenic diet tend to mistake it for a diet high in fat, but also high in protein. However, the daily protein intake does not usually exceed 20 percent of the total food, so it is not a high protein diet, but high in healthy fats .

The keto diet is one of the most successful today and, after having analyzed all these factors, you can decide if it is the one that interests your body and your way of life the most. The most important thing is that you eat everything , that you do not lack any type of food in your nutrition and that you give your body the sustenance it needs.

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