Lose 10 Kilos In A Healthy Way. How Much Time Do You Need?

Lose 10 Kilos In A Healthy Way. How Much Time Do You Need?

Losing 10 kilos is not as easy as it sounds. Especially if you want to achieve it without putting your health at risk. Our coach gives you the keys to take as little time as possible.

The weight loss is usually one of the New Year ‘s that is most popular, if not more. But the excess of motivation that usually occurs on these occasions, sometimes leads us to try to achieve our goal as soon as possible.

Acting in this way may lead to a healthy goal turning into the opposite. In this sense, it should be clarified that it is a mistake to speak of weight loss as such. It is one m or CHANGE THE of the body composition .

This term better represents the real goal , since losing weight can be achieved in many ways (loss of water, muscle, bone). But what we are looking for is to reduce adipose tissue (fat). You can read more about natural fat burners in this post .

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Losing 10 kilos, more than an aesthetic issue

The overweight and obesity can not be considered a simple aesthetic issue. The cells in charge of storing fat, ‘adipocytes’, together constitute an endocrine organ (hormonal regulator).

When these increase in number and size, they produce highly toxic substances for the organism. Therefore, a prolonged state of this situation as well as its evolution will have serious repercussions.

These toxins have a great negative impact on muscle mass and strength , causing them to decrease. This can be even worse after age 40. In addition, cells where fat is used for energy lose their effectiveness , even with  aerobic exercise .

Once we are aware of this state, if we also start a diet that reduces calories aggressively ( as we explain in this article ), our body will reduce its energy consumption. It interprets that it is in a state of alert for food shortage.

How to lose fat, and not just weight

Hypocaloric diet

Diet is the key element to achieve this goal. The secret is how much and how I should restrict my diet to produce a caloric deficit. That is, my body consumes more calories than it takes in. This reduction in calories should be around 300-500 kcalories , coming mainly from saturated fats, alcohols and sugars.

In turn, it will be essential that we maintain or even increase protein intake, just like the consumption of plant foods.

Although the help of a professional is essential. Like our nutrition experts , who advise us throughout the process. In addition, they will evaluate our body composition, since the scale does not work for it.

Exercise and active life

To minimize the loss of muscle mass and the energy expenditure produced by the diet, exercise is essential. Not only to increase daily energy expenditure, but because it is the only method to reverse the harmful process that produces excess fat. As well as the deficiency produced in the cells that consume it, which will help future maintenance .

Therefore, strength and aerobic exercise will be the best ally to lose 10 kilos, as well as increase daily physical activity.

If it were the case of wanting to lose weight without diet, even if the loss of fat is less or even negligible, the health of our body will have improved considerably. A fat weight loss of around 10% can be a great goal with very good repercussions.

Short and long term planning

Following these guidelines, the ideal will be to lose between 0.5 and 1 kg of fat tissue weekly . Therefore, to lose 10 kilos of fat and improve body composition, it will take approximately 3 months .

Although this is an estimate. And there is a genetic predisposition that facilitates more fat loss through diet, the effect being greater when starting the intervention.

Once the goal is reached, we must not make the mistake of relaxing and returning to previous habits. If not, we will quickly regain the weight and our effort will not have been productive at all.

It is necessary to know the term of weight memory , being the memory that our body has on what we weigh. In this way, it will always tend to return to the range where we have held a certain weight the longest. For its modification, it is necessary to place ourselves in the new range for about 2 years .

Once you have understood in a superficial and simple way what excess weight means, it is time to become aware. And what better way to do it than to put yourself in the hands of a professional who can help you quickly and effectively achieve your goals.

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