Jumping exercises: the best allies to lose weight and burn calories

They tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks


Jump training is a memory of our sweet childhood, from skipping rope to children’s games where impact was the most fun. But as Gemi Osorio Astorga (@ gemy.trainer), personal trainer at the O2 Manuel Becerra center in Madrid, tells us, jumping training has now become the perfect exercise to burn calories , increase lower body power, combat cellulite, shape legs and buttocks and complement the training of great athletes.

“It is very important when introducing it into our training programs, to have a good technique, to know the exercise well and to introduce the movement progressively, so that, when performing it, the muscular work is effective”, the expert explains. It also highlights that we must abstain from its practice if we suffer from herniated discs or spinal pathologies, knee and ankle problems, since the vast majority of these movements will be carried out by the lower body.



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Ideal for burning calories

Due to the great demand of effort to do it and because it is executed at high speed, these exercises stimulate caloric expenditure, being therefore ideal for burning calories and toning and defining the muscles, especially the lower body.

Other benefits that the expert highlights from the practice of these exercises are:

  • They stimulate the nervous system and reduce stress.
  • They reduce body fat.
  • They improve aerobic capacity.
  • Increase bone density.
  • They help prevent arthritis.

Among the exercises, we will highlight those that can be done in the gym, outdoors, or even at home, always with adequate knowledge or supervision. They can also be done alone or as a complement to other training, hiit or crossfit classes .




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Burpees (1)

As the personal trainer explains to us, it is a complete exercise in which the strength, endurance and coordination of the whole body are worked on. It is very effective due to its high caloric expenditure, and can be done without the need for material.

Execution: perform a squat, then jump to a plank, bringing the legs back and the arms extended, picking up the abdomen well, then perform a push-up, then return to the squat and finish with a vertical jump, slapping above the head.




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Burpees (2)

In burpees , it is about condensing the work of the glutes, legs, abdomen, arms and back into four movements. They help to accelerate the metabolism, since they tone and increase the body mass, in a very short time.



jump squat

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Jump squat

A perfect exercise to improve the power of our glutes, burn calories and sculpt our lower body.

Execution: Squat and create propulsion from the heels to further activate your glutes and quads, assisting you with your arms and then returning to the squat position.



jumping stride

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Jump lunge

Next level to the traditional stride, where we will increase the work of our glutes, quadriceps and hams when changing legs through the jump.

Execution: from the classic lunge position, we will do a scissor jump to change legs in the air keeping ourselves low to activate our legs, glutes and quadriceps.



stride with propulsion

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Single leg thrust lunge

For Gemi Osorio it is the challenging variant of the traditional stride, where we will add one leg propulsion by taking the body off the ground.

Execution: our legs apart as in the stance phase of the classic stride (step forward with a leg long enough so that when lowering the thigh of the leg that is in front it is parallel to the ground) we will bring the leg from behind up , taking off the front leg, later returning to the starting position.



jump to the drawer

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Jump to the drawer (or bench in the park)

It can be performed on a box of crossfit or in the park. You will work your whole body, so you will have to increase the height of the box progressively.

Execution: we first choose a height that is comfortable for us. We jump with both legs in a vertical movement bending the knees to land on the desired surface and thus activate our glutes and posterior chain, absorbing the impact.




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Kneel-up race

It is an effective way to work the race by burning more calories in less time.

Execution: dynamic movement used in running technique, consists of running bringing the knees to the hips, maintaining the coordination of arms and legs. It can be worked in hiit or free circuits .



jump stairs

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Climb ladder with jump

It is, in the opinion of the personal trainer, a great workout to sculpt glutes and burn calories.

Execution: it is the easy variant of the jump to the drawer. It consists of climbing stairs jumping with both legs, using the buttocks for the propulsion of these and bending the knees when falling.



Jumping Jack

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‘Jumping Jack’

It does not require great impact, but it provides a great caloric expenditure as it is a complete exercise for the whole body.

Execution: consists of coordinating feet together with the hands down and then jumping with the legs open and the arms up, bringing the knees out and preferably supporting the sole of the foot to absorb the impact with our posterior chain.



tuck jumps

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‘Tuck jumps’

We are, in the opinion of the expert, before one of the most challenging exercises for our legs and core , where we will have to bring our knees to the chest through a power jump.

Execution: rapid movement where we will gently bend the knees and make a vertical jump, bringing the knees towards the chest, contracting the abdomen. When falling, it is important to bend the knees again to absorb the impact with our quadriceps.

All these exercises can be progressively introduced into programs to enhance caloric expenditure (group or solo workouts outdoors or in the gym) and also to improve your power, speed and obtain a more defined and toned body.



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