Stop eating! Most often, slender stories begin with this sacred phrase. But at the same time, there is concern: how to overcome hunger and stay away from the refrigerator? I share life hacks to reduce appetite from personal experience.


My first 10 kg melted in a couple of months of sitting in a comfortable chair under a table lamp. The secret lies in your favorite hobby – cross-stitching.

For the first time in her life she picked up a needle and a hoop on January 9, 2016. Mastering the technique required complete focus and engagement. I forgot about sweets and only drank tea without burdens.

Unpretentious works were born in my hands, but they seemed to be real masterpieces. I sat up for needlework until late at night. The hunger hormone ghrelin was hunted silently, the weight went away.

I will add that at this time I gave up several products, which also contributed to the minus on the scales:

  • Sugar . I started drinking tea without adding sugary white sand, although before I loved the drink sweet. Tea was accompanied by a generously buttered sandwich with a couple of slices of cheese.
  • White bread . I switched to “Borodinsky”, whole grain or with bran, and later, in Kiev, to ciabatta and baguettes from buckwheat flour. She completely abandoned bread in the spring of 2017 and only recently introduced gluten-free rice and corn bread into the diet.
  • Sausages . Boiled, smoked, uncooked smoked – the usual ingredients of sandwiches are a thing of the past. Occasionally I buy prosciutto or ham.
  • Mayonnaise . She has mercilessly eliminated the irreplaceable component of holiday salads from the diet forever. She opened dressings based on olive oil, yoghurt and mustard.

The first rule that I introduced in the PP diet: no sour foods in the afternoon. Favorite apples and citrus fruits, berries and kefir to eat and drink until noon. Tomato salad for lunch.

Then I did not know about the peculiarities of assimilation of fructose and glucose. I was guided by a simple logic: food promotes the secretion of gastric juice and increases appetite.

I still practice this practice and prepare neutral-flavored dishes in the afternoon.

I draw your attention to an important factor: I have gastritis with low acidity. The diet contains foods that stimulate the secretion of gastric juice.

On PN, exacerbations have practically ceased and are of a psychosomatic or stressful nature. The diet has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract as a whole, and the stomach secretes a sufficient amount of juice.


I recently came to the correct routine of the day. Two years ago, staying up late at night was the norm. Therefore, I took care of how to overcome the feeling of hunger, and chose several help products:

  • Cucumbers . Safe vegetable with only 15 calories per 100 grams and 95% water. Two or three cucumbers can easily drown out the feeling of hunger for 2-3 hours, which is enough to complete things.
  • Bulgarian pepper . A delicious vegetable with a wonderful number of 27 calories per 100 grams. It goes well without the neighborhood with friends for salads.
  • Carrots . Sweet and tasty, it contains 32 calories per 100 grams and pleases with a cheerful color. Perfectly satisfies hunger for several hours.
  • Stalked celery . This vegetable contains only 12 calories per 100 g, and the body spends more energy on digestion. It turns out negative calorie intake and at the same time the feeling of hunger goes away.
  • Chicken fillet . In 100 grams of breast per steam , there are 110 calories, fats – 1.2 g, proteins – 23 g, carbohydrates – 0 g. During extra-curricular wakefulness, protein calories are safely absorbed.

This is a recommendation for days when there is a choice: eat a low-calorie and healthy product or send the leftovers of a dinner, a sandwich, and ideally a cake into your mouth. The hunger hormone ghrelin is waiting in the wings to remind you of the basic needs of the body.


What time did you last eat? I usually eat between 6 pm and 7 pm. I go to bed after 22.00 even with my new schedule with an emphasis on early awakening.

Those who like to sit up after midnight can afford a light dinner according to the rules of the PP after 20.00 or break it into two meals: for example, first eat protein food, and then salad, or vice versa, according to your mood.

A mug of herbal tea also helps to while away the evening. I buy herbs and herbs in the online store of eco-spices and teas. My favorite is thyme. I brew a mild green tea with sun-scented herbs and have a wonderful evening.


Each of us has heard the phrase: if you want to eat, drink some water. This statement works 90% of the time. My body stops responding to water when the break between meals exceeds 5-6 hours.

Therefore, I take with me nuts or tiny dark chocolates. A popular Ukrainian manufacturer produces dark chocolate in a package of 10 grams, so 1-2 pieces can be eaten without prejudice to the figure.

In the evening, such a delicacy, even in a therapeutic dose, is taboo, so warm water helps out. We choose a temperature that is comfortable for drinking – up to about 50 ° C. We fill a beautiful glass or a favorite mug and drink in small sips, stretch the pleasure. It is to get positive emotions that I advise you to choose dishes that are pleasant to us.

I often pour water into a thermo mug and put it next to me. This technique helped out at a time when there was an urge to go to the refrigerator in the middle of the night. The mug is closer – just reach out and after a few minutes the hunger recedes.

As the stomach shrinks, the urge to open the refrigerator door at midnight disappears by itself. The secret to success is in the right tactics: no prohibitions. We change harmful products for healthy ones and enjoy the long autumn evenings.

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