How to lose weight after 40 years

There are various reasons why the body does not so easily give up excess fat after 40 years. And a slowdown in metabolism and the wrong eating habits developed over the years and a complete lack of physical activity. Let’s not forget the fact that after 40 years, most of us have already arranged a personal life and, as they say, what to try and count calories.

40 years is such an age when a person has already formed his habits to such an extent that a chair put in place can cause a scandal, and if you invade a person’s way of eating, then even more so, you can become his worst enemy. But if you make an effort and treat food differently, then over time you will realize that you can do without sweets and buns, without fatty meat or mayonnaise salad, because all this has brought you excess weight and even health problems. After forty, you just need to move a lot, and add physical activity, especially for those who work all day sitting at a table. Buy yourself a heart rate monitor for running, so you can monitor your load and distribute the rhythm of your workout, even if you are not doing it professionally. Cycling or swimming – all for the benefit of health and shape.

Some recommendations for those over 40:

1. Eat fruits, they help you lose weight (just not kilograms).

2. Eat protein foods (lean meat, beans) instead of carbohydrates, so you will be fuller, and your metabolism will improve, which means you will lose weight!

3. Get active, walk the dog, just walk or run.

4. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your menu, they only help to gain weight, you can live without buns and sweets (checked).

5. Start your lunch with a salad, you will quickly get full and consume fewer calories.

6. Eat more vegetables, you will be fuller, and the calories in vegetables are still less than in other foods (fewer calories is what you need).

7. Eating protein food for breakfast, we will be able to control our weight, the same is true when losing weight.

8. Juices are more high-calorie than fruits and they have more sugar, but why on extra liquid calories, if all we want is a slender waist?

9. Holidays and trips attract many with delicious dishes and abundance, and such uncontrolled eating leads to weight gain, be careful, why overeat?

10. If you replace a hearty dinner with a light salad, maybe with a small piece of boiled chicken, you can definitely move forward on the path to weight loss.

11. Eat food with a lot of fiber, it absorbs excess fluid and leaves you feeling full for a long time.

12. Drink more green tea and give up sugary drinks, those who prefer to continue to be a “addict” of soda will definitely not lose weight.

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