In January 2016, I made a decision for myself: I am returning to normal weight and volume. For some time I thought about how to regain harmony – go on a diet, go to the gym … I have already talked about my path to the current 57 kg in my blog. But I constantly get questions: how to pull yourself together, where to start? Therefore, I propose a step-by-step guide to action.


On January 9, 2016, I went to a craft store and bought my first cross stitch kit. Psychotherapist, founder of the women’s club ” Tea Friday ” Ksenia Osadchaya says that it was the awakening of female energy. The decision came on a subconscious level, and I chose the right tool.

An interesting activity appeared that absorbed attention on long winter evenings, and I forgot about going to the refrigerator. So the first 10 kilograms were dissolved – from 94 in a month it was “blown away” to 85 kg.

This was followed by a move to Kiev, establishing life in a new place and stressful work. Embroidery has become a part of my leisure time – I happily spent my evenings and weekends embroidering. She mastered new techniques and worked on straight crosses.


Then another event happened – I carefully examined myself in the mirror. For many years of living in the 80+ weight category, I got used to a blurry silhouette, lack of a waist and a double chin.

This time the look at myself was different – critical, from the outside. How do others see and perceive me? Who is in front of them – a smart, successful woman or a fat aunt who needs to be proven useful and worthy?

These were absolutely discriminatory thoughts towards myself. But, as subsequent events have shown, they are correct and pivotal in self-perception:

  1. I will never look thinner and thinner in photographs. It does not depend on the angle or the attitude of the photographer to me – bulging fats can only be masked by a shapeless tunic.
  2. I will never be able to wear dresses above the knee and petite underwear. I have thin skin and full legs. Therefore, the “orange peel” was chosen even by caviar, and the inner thigh was in folds, like a baby. But the sight did not evoke emotion.
  3. I will never go to rest at sea. The thought of undressing on the beach made me shudder. I remembered a beach vacation in the 70+ weight category, how I was shy of the body and was photographed in a poreo.

Perhaps there were more arguments – after almost three years, a lot has disappeared from my memory. But I perfectly remembered the next step – what I will allow myself in a new body.


Slenderness begins in the mind, with which you need to persistently work. How to do it:

  1. Get your favorite photos out of the album and place them so that you often see yourself as attractive, beautiful, daring. It is best to stick the picture on the refrigerator. The real effect begins the moment the first changes are visible.

I posted photos from my past life on Facebook. I have a large audience, there were a lot of comments, and it was great stimulation. Then I connected Instagram.

  1. Think about how much a slim woman can afford. This is an easy gait, relaxed movements, tight-fitting outfits. More often go to the pages of idols on social networks and admire the inspirers.

I was oppressed by stiffness in movement and the inability to do what others do with ease. In the fall of 2015, my colleagues and I were in Vilnius, and we were invited to take a look at the archaeological site.

It was necessary to go down to the basement with a high upper step. I was unable to take a step. My body would not allow it – it was too heavy and clumsy.

  1. Plan your meals and prepare meals for yourself. Many people refer to their children and husband – they say, this is twice as much work in the kitchen! Meals of proper nutrition are easy and simple to prepare – choose convenient and quick recipes. Consider what is suitable for the whole family in your diet.

I stopped eating sweets and baked goods when I lived with my parents. Said no to sandwiches and pastries. This turned out to be enough for a minus on the scales.

In the diet I left dark chocolate and marshmallows – a light version of sweet. Gradually, “tasty treats” have become a thing of the past.

Tell yourself simply and clearly: stop eating! Don’t go on a diet – it’s a pointless exercise. The short-term effect is replaced by disappointment – the kilograms are returning, often in larger quantities than they were at the start.

When you start a story of slimness, choose a nutritional system and accept the thought: this is my new lifestyle. The result is achieved by those who truly want change. The rest are looking for excuses and continue to crack buns, and in the evenings seize the day’s stress with cakes.


Online marathons are constantly held in the network. The most fertile platform is Instagram, where you can find like-minded people and together change your life here and now. The results of those around you motivate and keep people from raiding the refrigerator.

I took part in several marathons and never made it to the end. I left the race when I lost interest – not everyone can get carried away by collective experience. At the same time, I systematically work with a trainer in the gym and enjoy physical activity.

I need a mentor who “drives”, praises, scolds. I know that at home I will not work with such dedication as in the gym. In addition, I do not remember well the technique of performing exercises, and this is important for obtaining and consolidating the result.

If you love to compete and are ready for independent loads, marathons are your way to the world of a slim and fit body.


Just start doing something new. Extend your walk – walk 10,000 steps every day. In the evening, instead of sweet tea, drink herbal infusion in front of the TV.

Instead of your favorite cakes, choose candied fruit or dark chocolate – this is a small step that makes a big difference.

Instead of sunflower oil for frying, use olive oil or coconut oil and think: how much fat do you need for cooking in a non-stick skillet? Why pour oil with spoons, as is often said in recipes.

Instead of coffee, drink a glass of water every hour and the change will come sooner than you expect. Morning swelling, discomfort in the region of the heart and shortness of breath when walking will go away.

Our body thanks for self-love. Love consists in caring and paying attention to your true needs – harmony, beauty, youth.

We live in a wonderful time when we can maintain health, vigor, and well-being until old age. And we spend the years of peak life and business activity brightly and easily – a new life begins with a new body.

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