The path to a beautiful relief and cubes should not start with the question “How to swing the press?” The fact is that the visual image of a flat stomach depends on the percentage of body fat. This means that how the abs will look is influenced not by the number of crunches, but by the quantity and quality of meals. What else is important for a flat stomach? Debunking myths and taking sensible steps towards embossed press.



Three factors affect the appearance of your belly: posture, body fat percentage, and muscle development. Let’s take a look at each of the factors:

  • Muscle development. You should not get hung up on just pumping the press, you need to develop the body comprehensively and attend a variety of activities. Strength training will strengthen your muscles, burn calories and build endurance with interval training . Recovery activities address problems with posture, flexibility and muscle balance, and help the body adapt properly to stress. The optimal training program can be selected after fitness testing, which takes into account how a person moves, what restrictions he has. But it is important for everyone to remember that you cannot swing the press without proper posture.
  • Posture. If a person pumps muscles, but slouches, and he has excess fat, then the abs will not be visible. If a person does not pump the abs, but he has an even posture and a small percentage of body fat, then his belly will look flatter. That is why it makes no sense to start with the question of how to pump the press correctly. You need to start by working on your posture. The good news is that your core muscles are also responsible for correct posture. And they are usually used in workouts with an emphasis on the abs.
  • Fat percentage. Measuring body composition on an analyzer scale will show the percentage of body fat, which means it will clearly explain why the abs are invisible. If the fat is more than 15-20%, then visual contact with the press is lost. At 15% or less, the press begins to be seen. 8% is a prominent, noticeable abs that we see in athletes. But do not strive to completely get rid of fat for the sake of a beautiful abs. Fat is necessary for the proper functioning of the endocrine system and other processes in the body, and only excess fat is harmful. To achieve tangible results, it is important to monitor the factors that affect the percentage of body fat. These are food, sleep, stress levels and the amount of daily physical activity.


Nutrition for a flat stomach should help the body recover from exertion and help burn excess. The coach will be able to give individual recommendations after testing, but there are two universal rules that everyone can apply: poison yourself less and feed yourself better.


To poison yourself less means to refuse or at least minimize baked goods, sugar-containing foods, salty snacks. That is, everything that does not help, but harms the body.

Feeding yourself better means filling your diet with healthy foods. Vegetables and fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds, sources of protein and healthy fats.

In addition, the universal recommendation is to stick to three meals a day without snacks. Snacks lead to frequent surges in the hormone insulin, and hormonal imbalances lead to excess fat.


Before starting a workout, it is important to obtain data on body composition and body condition. This means that the best place to start is with fitness testing. The trainer will learn about your lifestyle, test how you move, measure your body composition. Then she will recommend activities that are safe and effective. Without urgent attempts to pump up the abs and set a record, but with respect to the capabilities of the body.



It is believed that the best ab exercises are the training of the rectus abdominis muscles, which perform the function of flexing the body and keeping it upright. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The deep muscles are the part of the core that includes the muscles of the abdomen, back, thighs, and buttocks. Their function is to help the body maintain posture and balance in an upright position.

If the core is not strengthened, problems and discomfort can arise when doing other exercises. Strengthening the core is a top priority and several tools can help: TRX loops , plank and plank variations, and other bodyweight exercises.


Diagonal crunches are great for engaging the abdominal muscles. You need to lie on your back and bend your legs so that your shins are parallel to the floor. Press your lower back into the floor so that your back is perfectly flat. Put your hands behind your head and bend, and put your head on them. Then the shoulder blades need to be torn off the floor and elbowed to the knee from the opposite side. The leg should extend parallel to the floor without touching it, then repeat on the other side. It is enough to do 20 repetitions on both sides for 3-4 sets of exercises.



When done correctly, the plank will help strengthen your core and improve your posture. It is best to build a smooth progression in the plank using TRX loops. If there are no loops, you can start by standing in front of the mirror.

Place your feet exactly parallel to each other. Tighten your glutes and front of your thighs. This will help keep the pelvis in a neutral position. Tighten your abdominal muscles to keep it flat. Squeeze and lower your shoulder blades, stretch your neck. The back should remain neutral, without sagging. The result is a perfectly flat posture. Then it can be transferred to a horizontal plane with support on the palm or forearm.

You don’t need to stand in the plank for a long time. It is better to do several approaches of a perfectly flat position for 10 seconds. If during execution you feel discomfort in the neck, lower back, or difficulty breathing, it is better to postpone the bar.



This exercise for the abdominal muscles is performed from a flat plank position on the palms. As you exhale, you need to pull the knee to the opposite elbow, and then return to the bar. Then repeat for the other side. And then do the same, but pull the knee to the elbow of the same name. Start the exercise slowly and carefully monitor your breathing. It is enough to repeat 10 times on both sides. You can do 3-4 sets of exercises.



Exercising on the aerobike cardio machine will help you burn excess fat not only in the abdomen, but throughout the body. Your entire body is engaged when you pedal and simultaneously rotate the flywheel with your hands, which creates additional resistance.

It will be effective to build work on the principle of intensive interval training . Work vigorously on the machine for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. it is enough to do 8-10 exercise intervals.



This exercise will help load the transverse abdominal muscles and prevent back pain. The starting position should be the same as for the diagonal curls. But the arms need to be extended in front of the chest, and the lower legs should be bent and raised parallel to the floor. As if you are imitating a beetle with legs raised up. Remember to keep your back straight. There should be no lower back discomfort.

The beetle has many variations. The simplest is to alternately lower your hands and touch the floor with them. For the more experienced, move your arm and leg at the same time from the opposite side. 10 repetitions will be enough. You can do 3-4 sets of exercises.



Focus only on training. When the arms and legs are normal, and fat accumulates around the waist and abdomen, this may indicate endocrine disorders, and not about the need to do more abdominal exercises. In this case, exercise alone will not help. On fitness testing, the trainer will notice that the problem is hormone-related and will refer you to a doctor if necessary. First of all, it is important to pay attention to health, and perhaps after that the question of how to pump up the press will no longer arise.

Strengthen only the outer abdominal muscles. The external muscles are usually called the press and try to strengthen them with twisting or exercises on a special bench. But it is important to take care that all muscles receive the load. If the inner corset is weak and the outer muscles are strong, this is an imbalance that is harmful to the body.

Improper exercise. Without proper breathing and proper technique, the more abdominal exercises you do, the more harm you will inflict on yourself. If there is not enough flexibility in the spine, instead of the abdominal muscles, the muscles of the thighs and iliopsoas muscles can take the load. Improper technique will overload the lower back and can lead to back pain.


How to build abs is one of the most popular queries in fitness. And where there is popularity, there are also myths. If you follow them, you can get at least disappointment, as much as trauma. For a beautiful press, myths are best avoided:


It is a mistake to think that crunches are the best ab exercises. In fact, crunches can be more harmful than beneficial. The exercise is often performed technically incorrectly in an attempt to quickly pump up the press. But even if the technique is correct, repeated twisting can create muscle imbalances.

The muscles of the press are shortened from constant load. As a result, the upper body begins to lean forward. Visually, it looks like a stoop. The muscles in the back are under constant tension, which leads to chronic lower back pain.


Another ideal exercise for “abs cubes” is called the plank and is encouraged to stand in it for as long as possible to achieve the best effect. But the plank exercise does not develop the visual part of the press, which is usually called “cubes”. The plank uses deep stabilizing muscles, which do not in any way affect the appearance of the “abs”, but strengthen our body from the inside.

And standing in the bar for a long time can be harmful. Only a plank with the right technique is effective and useful. According to research, most people are able to hold this position for 10 seconds. When the level is lost, it leads to injuries in the neck and lower back. The ideal plank formula is a series of 10 second holds.


A rigid diet will help you get stressed, not a flat stomach. Nutrition plays an important role in the beautiful landscape. But wholesome food should be complete. A rigid diet is the path to weight loss through muscle and fat gain. As a result, the belly can only get bigger.

More often than not, people choose rigid diets and grueling workouts when they want the visual impact as quickly as possible. But what we see in the mirror is only part of the picture. The real change is happening inside. It is important to train the whole body in a comprehensive manner. Strengthen your posture and work with your core muscles in a variety of activities, monitor your diet and rhythm of life, and then you will not have to wonder how to remove your stomach. Your body will look harmonious, and most importantly, your well-being will improve and your enjoyment of life will increase.

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