How to do a burpee session (and not die trying)

how to do a burpee session

The name is no longer very pleasant, considering that burp in English we can translate it as burp. Although this christening is not because it is just as pleasant, it is because of the surname of its creator.
This exercise is actually the sum of two movements performed explosively, the push-up and the jump squat . And it is done as follows:

This is how it runs

From the squat position, the trunk is extended backwards while the elbows are bent, in such a way that all the weight rests on the hands and feet, remaining in the low position of the push-ups. From here, a push-up is performed and the legs are gathered to return to the squatting position. Once you have returned to the squatting position, you have to stand up and jump as high as possible in a strong and rapid impulse of the legs, to fall again and collect the body in the squatting position. This compound movement is a burpee .

It is an exercise whose first references have been around for almost a century and that has been at the bottom of the trainers’ desk drawer, until it has been recovered thanks to training systems such as crossfit., the bootcamp or similar.
It is simple for the trainer, because you do not need more than your own body weight , it makes it easy to include it in any training; however it is very hard who suffers it.

The burpee is a really hard exercise , that is why many times you work with easier progressions, such as, for example, doing the same without doing the push-up by extending the trunk horizontally, or without jumping, simply by standing up. Or adding both facilities for a very beginner level.


Warm up the joints well, especially the wrists, and try not to plummet onto them when lying down to do the push-up, but rather perform the jump reception squat well.

What will you be working on?

It is an exercise designed to measure cardiovascular capacity, because the cardiorespiratory system suffers the most. However, at the muscular level it is very effective for the triceps, pectoral, abdomen, buttocks and all areas of the legs. Is very complete.

This exercise, as we have mentioned, was invented to do a test, the burpee test . If you want to measure yourself, you can do it right now, it’s simple.
No time, you just have to count the number of repetitions. If you do 0-30 your state is bad, from 31-40 normal, from 41-50 your state is good, from 51-60 very good, and if you already go up to 60 then you are in excellent shape.

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