Fitness routine to slim your legs

If you want to tone this area and show off beautiful legs, take note of the exercises and advice that an expert in the field explains to us.


The legs are one of the areas that most worries women, especially because of the doubts they generate when doing sports. If I work this area will I gain volume? Should I avoid weights? What exercises are most recommended? We talked about these and other issues with Abel Sánchez Román, CCAFYD graduate, director and trainer of the Plenno Majadahonda personal training center ( ” There are no magic plans or recipes, but there is a constant and daily work ,” he tells us, “and you have to understand that the volume of the legs, or the amount of muscle mass of them, depends to a great extent, and as almost all of genetic factors beyond our control. “

Indeed, there are specific guidelines that can encourage you to get more toned legs, he explains, but his advice is that you put yourself in the hands of professionals and create health habits that will last you a lifetime. “Although genetically there are people with greater difficulty in tuning their legs or losing volume , perseverance and the generation of healthy habits, such as exercising regularly and eating properly for as long as possible, inevitably brings us closer to achieving our goal” .

As for volume, he tells us, ” developing and toning are concepts that go hand in hand , that is, the muscles do not differentiate between one type of strength work or another to achieve one thing or another. In fact, gain tone and mass Muscle is the only way to get prettier legs. “


Tips for getting toned legs

  • Do leg strength work without fear. To achieve this you have to really stimulate the muscle tissue. That is, do not be afraid to work with loads (weights) that represent a real challenge and effort. It is the ideal type of workout to slim your legs
  • Include exercises that work the muscles globally in your routine. That is, train complete movements and abandon exercises that are dedicated only specifically to a specific muscle group
  • Avoid guided machines (for example, seated knee extension on the leg press machine) and train functional (Bulgarian squat with weight bench support)
  • Training movements (Bulgarian squat, for example) implies greater care of body health, more functionality for what we do every day and a more intense / complete work at a muscular and metabolic level, getting closer to the goal we seek in a more appropriate way.
  • Train different varieties of movements to work your entire leg . Do knee dominations (squats and lunges mainly), hip dominations (deadlifts, Nordic, hip lifts lying on your back …) or hip abductions and adductions (glute openings with elastic band, side steps …). Better even if you can run them on one leg (but requires proper progression)
  • Perform between 2-4 sets of each exercise (movement), between 8-20 reps depending on the load and fatigue in each set, and recover properly between sets (about 90 seconds or so will be fine)
  • Forget how many days you train , how long or how many exercises you do in each session … it doesn’t matter. Yes, train! and do it regularly, even if it is 10-15 minutes and 2-3 days, whatever you can … but do it.
  • Do aerobic exercise sessions throughout the week if you are a beginner (stationary bike, elliptical , swimming, etc.). If you exercise regularly and stay in shape, you can do anaerobic with intervals during or after strength sessions. Preferably after training for the goal we are pursuing.
  • Go or at least let yourself be guided by a trusted Physical Activity and Sports Science graduate or graduate who schedules and supervises your training at the beginning
  • Go or at least follow the advice of a reliable dietitian-nutritionist who will teach you how to eat and create proper habits.

Example of a leg routine to refine and tone

  1. Monster walk with mini band (2 sets x 40 ”walking to each side)
  2. Bulgarian squat or one leg dumbbell (3 sets x 8-12 reps each side)
  3. One-hand, one-leg contralateral dumbbell deadlift (3 sets x 6-8 reps each side)
  4. Stability Ball Single Leg Hip Raise (3 sets x 6-8 each side)
  5. Lumberjack up and down on pulley, one knee supported position (2 sets x 8-12 reps each side)
  6. 45 degree incline bench hip extension (3 sets x 6-8 reps)
  7. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets

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