Exercises to lose weight with the XT29 method


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As we explained in the article on the new method that will transform your body , the XT29, by personal trainer Jose Expósito, if you want to lose weight and tone up, you must combine cardio exercises with a functional training routine.

This method is perfect to achieve your goal in record time. In fact, the ‘ fitness ‘ expert assures that in a month you can already notice the results.

Below, you can see some of the exercises proposed by Jose Expósito. But remember that if you want to put it into practice you can do it with his book ‘ XT 29 The training of success ‘ (ed. Dome Books), a manual with which you will also learn important concepts of nutrition and lifestyle habits that will help you lose weight faster .


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Squat X 1

Prepare with your legs spread at an angle that ensures a wide base of stability and with your arms spread out in anticipation of the next move.


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Squat X 2

Keep your torso straight and bend your knees as if you were going to sit in the air, until your legs reach a right angle. Simultaneously, bring your hands to the opposite shoulders, crossing your arms.


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Squat X 3

Raise your body to return to the starting position and repeat the chain of movements continuously.


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Camber 1

The movements are a simulation of skipping rope.


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Camber 2

You must coordinate the movement of the wrists, supposedly turning the rope, with the brief jump of the feet, with an elevation that is sufficient for the rope to pass under them, neither more nor less, to avoid unnecessary efforts.


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Crunch 1

Sitting on the mat and hugging your knees, you start the abdominal work of this exercise


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Crunch 2

From the initial posture, release your legs, lie down on the mat, always with your knees bent and your feet resting on the floor and support your head on your hands, as if you were resting looking at the sky.


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Crunch 3

Slowly, with your hands on the back of your neck, push yourself with your abdomen and lift your body until your head and trunk are aligned diagonally to the ground.


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Crunch 4

In that position you will feel how your abs contract, the objective of the exercise. Go back to step 2 to repeat this movement continuously.


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Front kick 1

Standing with the legs slightly apart and the arms at the sides of the body is the basic starting posture.


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Front kick 2

Raise your arms as if to defend yourself from an attack and, simultaneously, raise your right leg until it is perpendicular to your body.


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Front kick 3

From the position of the previous step, perform a kick by extending the knee of the raised leg so that it is horizontal and parallel to the ground. It is important that you lean securely on the other leg and that one of the arms is higher and the other lower to maintain balance.


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Front kick 4

Then lower your leg and prepare to repeat the same movements with the other.


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Cross background 1

Lie on the mat face down.


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Cross background 2

Get up on the balls of your feet and the palms of your hands. The legs are open, in alignment with the hips, and the hands are resting on the mat at shoulder height.


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Cross background 3

Raise your right hand and touch your palm for a moment on your left shoulder.


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Cross background 4

Next, recover the position with both palms resting on the mat and repeat the movement, but now raise your left hand until it touches your right shoulder. Repeat the movements continuously and alternately during the 40 seconds of work.


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Pendulum 1

Stand with your hands at the sides of your body, standing up and with your legs slightly apart. It is important that you start the exercise with the feeling of absolute balance, relaxed.


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Pendulum 2

Raise the knee of your right leg until it is in line with your hip. The weight and balance of the body should fall on the supporting leg: the left.


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Pendulum 3

From position 2, push your body down, with your arms extended, until you rest with your hands on the floor. Meanwhile, raise the collected leg back and extend it until it is diagonally aligned with your body.


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Piano 1

Lie face down on the mat and extend your arms parallel over your head. Open your fingers as if you were playing the keys of an imaginary piano. Put the balls of your feet on the ground.


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Piano 2

Raise your legs off the floor and slightly your upper torso, so that the bra is placed in the abdominal area.


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Piano 3

From this position, begin to move your hands to the sides.


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Piano 4

Continue with the movement of your hands, moving your fingers, without stopping playing the imaginary piano.


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Piano 5

When you reach the height of your hips, you can return to the second position, that is, until your hands are above your head again.

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