Exercises for stubborn areas

squat squat-

With the arrival of the heat, it is the moment in which we look in the mirror and make ourselves the promise of every year: “I have to start training!”. Today we are going to give some ideas so that this promise becomes a reality and we get to the beach as we want.

In today’s training we are going to focus on lower body strength work (buttocks and legs) and abdomen, which are possibly the most problematic areas where fat and unsightly cellulite tend to accumulate . In case you have a little time to train, we are going to perform movements that involve large muscle chains and thus accelerate our metabolism, so it will not be so necessary to carry out cardiovascular work afterwards.

We will perform this routine twice a week , supplementing a minimum day with a similar upper body routine.

  • We will begin the training with a warm-up in which we will gradually raise our heart rate, and we will continue with joint movements.
  • The first part of the session is focused on strength work, essential for our muscles to activate and increase our caloric consumption. Strength training is a mainstay for fat loss and injury prevention .
  • The second part is more focused on resistance strength work, which will contribute to caloric burn, and together with the first part we will achieve that desired bikini operation.
  • We will finish the routine by stretching the areas most involved during training.

During the training we are going to perform different variants of squat , in which we will activate our glutes and work our legs in a very dynamic way, and different plank variants in which our abdomen will work 100%. To be able to execute them without risk, we must perform the exercises correctly:

  • Squat . We will start by placing our feet a little further apart than what would be the width of your hips, we will perform a movement letting the hips fall back as if we wanted to sit on a chair. Once we reach approximately 90 degrees, we will push hard with our heels until we return to the starting position.
  • Jump Squat . The movement is exactly the same, but the moment we push with our heels, we have to put in a lot more force and perform a jump.
  • Sumo Squat. From the starting position we will take a lateral step and perform the squat as in the first modality, but with twice the width of your hips. In this case, we will involve the gluteus and the inside of the leg to a greater extent.
  • Plates . Lying face down we will support ourselves on the elbows and on the tips of the feet and we will keep the back aligned with the hips and shoulders.
  • Dynamic plate. From the plank position, we will make changes of supports, alternating between the support of the hands and that of the elbows.
  • Sit Up . We will perform this exercise as a traditional abdominal exercise, bringing the chest to the knees.
  • Isometric ‘V’. Lying on the floor we will extend our arms and legs generating a ‘V’ position.

eye! If you have any type of injury, do not forget to consult a technician to adapt this training to your needs.

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