Classic squats or jump squats, which one suits us better?

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They are a classic exercise on almost any strength training chart. And it is that, who has not done a squat on some occasion? “A gesture that has accompanied us since the beginning of humanity and which we have stopped doing correctly because of the chair,” explains Mario Granado, director of Cosmo fitness and collaborator of Hiitstudio in Madrid. “The main problem with the squat is that there are as many ways to do it as there are users who try it , so it is important to seek professional advice. It is a very complete exercise to strengthen legs, buttocks and even abdomen, but its correct execution will depend on the physical condition of each person ”, adds the expert, who also tells us that different types of squats must be differentiated, the classic ones and the squats with jumps, both very interesting if you want to change your physique. .



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What are their differences?

“The classic squat consists of flexing the knee, ankle and hip and then extending by applying force to the ground with the legs, in other words: making the common gesture of sitting down and getting up “, the HiitStudio expert tells us.

Meanwhile, the jump squat, for its part, adds a jump at the end of the movement to the classic squat .

In the opinion of Alex García, director of the boutique gym Fit Club Madrid, the classic squat has a more strict execution and is used more for physical development or rehabilitation. On the other hand, the jump squat, its main use is at the performance level, it is used to develop explosive skills and enhance cardiovascular capabilities.

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What muscles are worked in each one?

-The classic squat is an exercise that involves all the muscles of the lower body and core, especially the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. It tends to have a more comprehensive muscular approach.

-The jump squat involves the same muscles but, as an extra force is needed for propulsion, the stimulus received by the muscles is greater, especially the quadriceps.



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What benefits do they have?

The HiitStudio expert summarizes the benefits of both.

Classic squat

-Recommended to work  the leg muscles globally .

-Suitable for any level of training by adapting the depth of the gesture, the speed or adding external load.

– It is a low-risk exercise which allows people with joint ailments to do them.

-Good measure to check the level of strength-resistance of the lower body. Could you get to 40 squats in 1 minute?

Jump squat

-More activation of muscle fibers in each repetition.

-Favors muscle power.

-It has direct transfer to other sports like volleyball, basketball or soccer.

-Controlled impact has been shown to help strengthen bones and can prevent osteoporosis.

The Fit Club Madrid expert adds that the classic squat can be performed by all people , since we should only vary the intensity of it. It allows us to develop muscle mass more safely. Meanwhile, the jump squat has a great cardiovascular wear with which it has a higher caloric burn, apart from developing explosive capacities.

jump squat

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How are both done correctly?

It is necessary to take into account, yes, the execution of the same. “The most important thing of both is that at all times the knees are kept in line with the balls of the foot and that the heel stays glued to the ground. With this we achieve that the strength to be able to execute them is in the entire sole of the foot ”, concludes the Fit Club Madrid expert.

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