Caveman Diet

It seems to me that the significance of the film “Avatar” is greatly exaggerated, in my opinion the special effects are the only thing that attracts him so much. With our “Soviet” upbringing, I understood the tragedy of the bourgeoisie (James Cameron “Titanic”) more than the drama of the “proletarian” people of Pandora, the same director.
In general, we are more inclined to feel sorry for the strange blue men and walk past the bum on the street. Since the spectacle is now at such a high level and we can’t just eat some simple picture in the cinema, give us everything three-dimensional and convex, but in food we look more and more like fantastic heroes, because we eat something completely different from what is laid down our nature, it is for our body.
For example, supporters of the paleo diet believe that it is necessary to return to the caveman’s diet. That is, to eat mainly natural products – vegetables, fruits, meat, i.e. what was in the diet of that time. No sugars or saturated fats or grains. Somewhere you can agree with this version, because a huge amount of sausage and sausage products is simply killing humanity, not to mention fast food and “sweet life”.
For example, our primitive ancestors received 65% of their energy from animal food, 35% from plant food. Protein – 37%, fats – 22%, carbohydrates – 41%.
Modern man consumes 15% protein, 34% fat and 49% carbohydrates.

Tips for eating from the “cavemen”:
1. Plenty of fruits and vegetables every day.
They contain fiber and antioxidants that can prevent the onset of many diseases.
2. Beans are the staple of the diet along with fruits and vegetables.
Fiber is also supplied.
3. Meat of wild animals and birds.
4. Nuts. A source of healthy fats and nutrients.
5. Roots, shoots, tubers.
6. Primitive man led a very active lifestyle.

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