2 Ingredient Chocolate Truffles

2 Ingredient Chocolate Truffles Recipe – How to make easy no bake low carb, keto, dairy free, paleo and vegan friendly truffle dessert with only two ingredients (without condensed milk) – with the video tutorial. 2 Ingredient Chocolate Truffles These 2 ingredient chocolate truffles are a decadent chocolate dessert that can be completely dairy free, […]

The right dinner, or what to eat in the evening to lose weight?

No meal is surrounded by as many myths and stereotypes as dinner. The principles of healthy eating disprove them. There is no need to suffer from hunger, forbidding yourself to eat after 18-00, to give nutritious and tasty dishes to the enemy, or to limit yourself to a glass of “zero” fat kefir. Dinner can and should help […]


Fighting extra pounds has never been so popular both among women and among the stronger sex. Firstly, the need to be slim is dictated to us by modern beauty standards. Secondly, the rejection of walking in favor of moving by car and a sedentary lifestyle contribute to active weight gain. Result: by middle age, many Ukrainians acquire not […]

Steamed diet

No food limits! Eat as much as you want and forget about the exhausting hunger. And the steam diet has no contraindications. Take on the arsenal of delicious steamed dishes and lose weight! This diet, also known as a gentle diet, has been successfully used to heal the body and correct weight. The steamed diet receives the most positive […]

PP for weight loss: recipes for every day

I have never been fond of any diets and did not understand people who constantly weigh themselves. But, at some point, I suddenly decided that something had to be done with these Kustodian forms) And, although those around me did not notice anything, I was not comfortable in the new weight. My Facebook Weight Loss PP […]

Proper nutrition for weight loss at home

Breakfast should consist of 25% of the total daily ration, lunch – 35%, afternoon tea (and snacks) – 15%, dinner – also 25%. The main reason for rejecting a diet of proper nutrition is the force of habit. Over the years of a person’s life, a stable eating behavior develops, which is very difficult to revise. […]

Proper nutrition for weight loss: a menu for every day

A diet for weight loss according to the system of correct nutrition (PP) can be treated in different ways. You can criticize and find flaws in it, or fanatically stick to it all your life, enjoying your appearance. But the fact that the PP system is effective and helped thousands of fat people who gave up their […]


In January 2016, I made a decision for myself: I am returning to normal weight and volume. For some time I thought about how to regain harmony – go on a diet, go to the gym … I have already talked about my path to the current 57 kg in my blog. But I constantly get questions: […]

Halloween Dirt Cake Recipe

Halloween Dirt Cake Recipe – How to make a fun and easy pudding dessert treats with healthy ingredients – with the video tutorial. Halloween Dirt Cake Recipe This Halloween dirt cake recipe makes a fun idea to make for, or even with, the kids for them to enjoy over the Halloween period, and especially at […]