7 carbohydrates that will help you lose weight instead of gaining it

Carbohydrates are not the enemy when trying to lose weight. Although not all are good for this purpose, there are some that are great

placeholderPhoto: Bread is not synonymous with getting fat if you choose the right one.  (iStock)
Bread is not synonymous with getting fat if you choose the right one. (iStock)

Most of us ‘translate’ carbohydrates to gain weight. A correlation that does not have to be always true, since there are many types of carbohydrates, and some even help us lose weight.

In this regard, Stefanie Mendez , nutritionist, says that in addition, low-carbohydrate diets are just a fad: “A few years ago, fats were the enemy and we took them off all menus, and now they are back with the desire. one side to another media and science “, he assures ‘Prevention’.

“Ideally, you should have a balance between nutrients from different food groups .” In other words, he warns, we need protein, fat and carbohydrates in our diet, and to lose weight we just have to find the right balance for ourselves. We have to be wise when choosing, since not all carbohydrates are the same. Below we collect the best, both for their nutritional load and for the satiety they produce.

1) Avocados

While most fruits are rich in carbohydrates , avocados stand out for their high content of healthy fats, the same type as those in olive oil. They are also one of the fruits with the most calories, but given its enormous satiating power, it is one of the most recommended foods to lose weight.

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2) Nuts

They are high in calories but are the perfect snack, as they contain protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Various epidemiological studies have shown that people who consume these are healthier and slimmer than those who do not. However, it is a food that should be consumed in great moderation. A handful, perfect; a bag of half a kilo, bad. If you can’t stop eating them, better remove them from the list.


3) Rye bread

This cereal, very popular for being bread-ready , contains proteins and vitamins of types A and B, responsible for the transformation of nutrients into energy and which also keep the skin in a healthy state. It is also a good source of minerals , such as sodium or potassium, which provides an energy supply for our body.

It maintains the elasticity of the blood vessels, which helps purify the blood and control cholesterol levels . It protects us against cardiovascular diseases. In addition, its forcefulness helps us feel satiated, so that we will eat a little less, and avoid the need to snack between meals , so if you want to lose weight, it is also an option.


4) Brown rice

It is a good ally in our diet. It also contains vitamins A and B, and a very low level of fat. It is rich in magnesium, one of the most abundant minerals in our body, responsible for providing energy, keeping bones healthy and promoting muscle relaxation. If you play sports regularly, it will help to avoid injuries and to undertake the exercise with energy.

While refined white rice can cause constipation, the whole grain, with the whole grain, is rich in fiber , which helps improve intestinal transit. As if that were not enough, various studies, such as the one published in 2010 in the Archives of Internal Medicine, conclude that brown rice reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes . The transition from white rice to this could not be easier to accomplish; It can be found in any supermarket and is gluten-free .


5) Fruit

Although it contains sugar , it is essential in a diet, as it fulfills the perfect role of dessert and its calorie / satiety ratio is perfect. Numerous epidemiological studies also confirm that people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables are healthier than those who eat few.


6) Quinoa

It has a high protein content, and Omega 6 and Omega 3 acids and minerals that will provide a good dose of energy, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium , phosphorus and zinc. Oriented to the same function are the B vitamins, and E makes it a good antioxidant.

Like the previous ones, its slowly absorbed hydrates (low glycemic index) regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases . In addition to all this, it will prevent us from being hungry between meals, and it is a great option as a source of iron for vegetarians or vegans. Quinoa is a very versatile food that we can include in our diet, either as a garnish, with sauteed vegetables or in a salad, for example.


7) Oats

Ancient civilizations already knew the energetic properties of this cereal, with a high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron. Helps maintain cholesterol levels thanks to its amino acids and its contribution of Omega 3.

Its carbohydrates are slowly absorbed , which means that their energy will be released little by little in our body, and in this way they are satiating for longer. This same principle helps to avoid sudden changes in sugar levels , since its energy intake is more sustained.


Choose well and, above all, eat wisely and your weight will be adjusted to what you want.

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