4 must-eat foods after age 60

Throughout our lives, we feel that our body itself copes with all problems, of course, if we give it healthy food on time and do not forget about physical activity. Many people start to feel age signs much earlier than they retire. For example, bones are weakened, which is a hormonal problem more common in women than men. With the onset of menopause, women need adequate amounts of calcium on a daily basis.

What happens to calcium in our body?

Not all of the calcium we consume goes directly into the bloodstream. Most of the calcium is excreted and only 20% is absorbed by the body. Thus, dairy products that are high in calcium and high in calcium and vitamin D are an excellent part of the daily diet.

If you start with small changes in nutrition, then after 60 years you can see improvements in well-being and health in general.

Nutrition after 60 years

For example, you need to understand that you need to reduce the amount of salt and sugar in your diet, drink more water and avoid carbonated drinks and, of course, add physical exercise in the form of walking for 40-50 minutes on a daily basis. Include fresh vegetables and olive oil in your diet with every meal, and reducing portion sizes will also bring noticeable results.

Here are four foods to help you feel good after age 60 and improve your quality of life.


Cheese is the food that contains the highest amount of calcium and its low-fat varieties will not cause weight gain. For example, ricotta 5% contains 600 mg of calcium, which is half the recommended amount of calcium per day for people of retirement age. In general, if we talk about dairy products, then it is desirable that their fat content does not exceed 5%, which is necessary for the absorption of calcium, but not too fatty to control weight. Also, the absorption of calcium is better with vitamin C.

2. Pepper


Bell peppers of different colors (red, orange, yellow) are best suited as a source of vitamin C. They are low in calories, high in fiber and can be a good snack, for example, when combined with ricotta cheese.


The most optimal fruits that should be included in the diet after 60 years are apples. It is recommended to eat 1 apple a day on a regular basis.

One cup (125 grams) of apple slices contains 57 calories and nearly three grams of fiber. Too much fruit in your diet can cause obesity and therefore it is worth limiting your intake.

4 olive oil

Olive oil is one of the tastiest and healthiest oils and must be included in your diet. Firstly, it is rich in omega-9 and omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate metabolism, and the antioxidant properties of olive oil reduce the risk of various diseases. It can be added to salads and baked vegetables, but it’s best to limit yourself to two tablespoons of oil a day.  

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