4 ‘crossfit’ exercises anyone can do

Would you like to show off a toned body like Jessica Alba or Cristina Pedroche ? Then you should try crossfit . This training system has not only conquered the celebrities of half the planet, but, in the last year, it has grown in followers to the point that there is no gym worth its salt that does not include crossfit among its offer of classes. If you have not tried it yet, perhaps it is because you think that it involves a lot of difficulty, but, although – we are not going to deceive you – it is true that it is somewhat demanding, there are exercises for beginners suitable for anyone who proposes it.(as long as you do not have injuries or ailments that prevent it). Warning! ‘For beginners’ does not mean boring; so gather all your strength because you are going to need it.

Among the most basic exercises, the Virgin Active Las Rozas fitness expert , Cristian Sanz, proposes these four to begin to wake up our body and tone it.

1. Burpees

One of the most complete exercises that exist to take care of our physical form. To do it correctly, in the first part of the burpee it is important to control the descent to avoid impacts on the wrists. The feet should be withdrawn when the hands have almost come into contact with the ground. To raise your hips again, bring your feet closer together. Note that the back is straight, not hunched. We jump up and do a triple extension (hips, shoulders, and elbows) in the air for an overhead slap.

2. Hounder doubles

If you were one of those who jumped rope at school ; With this exercise you will be able to recall your favorite childhood game; although with a plus of difficulty. It consists of performing two rounds of rope for each jump. Do it with your feet together, in a powerful jump.

3. Swing Kettlebell

For this exercise we will use the kettlebells or barbells Russian . It is about making a pendulum movement to finish with a triple extension (hips, shoulders and elbows). To avoid injury, the back is always straight both when going up and down. On the way down, we cushion the kettlebell with our hips, passing it between our legs.

4. Pull-ups

In this exercise you will test your strength. It simply consists of holding onto a bar and raising your body. If you still don’t have the strength to raise your own body or you don’t have the technique, you can use a rubber to help you. Of course, you must have a drawer nearby to support you because, when released, the rubber can pull you.

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