15 variations of the iron for a perfect ‘six pack’


If we have learned something this year that ends in fitness matters , it is that the planks (or planks , in English) are the essential exercise of many celebrities , including the top Gigi Hadid , because in a single gesture they help to tone and strengthen the entire body.

In addition, if what you are looking for is a flat stomach and a steel abdomen, according to experts they are much more effective than traditional abdominals. Write down these exercises that you cannot miss in your routine!


Plate with change of supports

It consists of standing in a plank position with the spleens stretched out and flexing the elbows one by one until the point of support is the forearms. Repeat and alternate. In addition to working your core, you will also tone your arms.


Plank with bending

Once you have acquired the plank position, lie on the floor leaning on your wrists and insteps, bend your elbows to get closer to the floor, hold for about 20 seconds and stretch your arms again. You will notice how your core is toned!


Single leg plank balance

From plank position, lift one leg off the ground and try to balance for a second or two. Put your leg back on the floor and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Keep your abdomen firm and your body challenging.


The ‘Superman’ iron

In the plank position, the exercise consists of simultaneously lifting an arm and its opposite leg, balancing the body on two points of support and involving, in addition to the abdomen, the pectoral and the buttock.


Plank with knee to chest



Plank with jump

The exercise is focused on performing hip rotations. It requires the strength of the whole body.


In the plank position, flex your hips (without bending your knees), lifting your glutes as much as possible in a controlled manner. Go back to the starting position. This is a very effective exercise for the lower abs.

Razor with ‘fitball’

Like the previous exercise, but with the help of the Pilates ball to reduce the intensity a bit. Try to keep your body aligned in a plank position and rest your hands on the floor and your feet on the fitball. From there, roll the fiball while picking up your knees (as seen in the picture). Return to the plank position.

Dynamic plank on ‘fitball’

Help yourself with the fitball to perform the horizontal plank exercise. Attention! Do not drop the lumbar and always keep the navel towards the ceiling. If you want to intensify the exercise, introduce movement: alternate with a cross kick to work your abdomen even more.

Side plank

In a side position, with the elbow supported below the shoulder and both feet together. Separate your body from the ground and try to form a straight line with your body, from head to toe. Extend your arm up, as in the image.


Side plank forearm up and down arm

From the previous position, rotate the trunk to bring the arm towards the gap between the body and the ground. Then return to the side plank position and repeat. Focus on keeping your body high all the time, as if you wanted to touch the ceiling with your trunk.


Side plank with rotations

In plank position, rotate the trunk so that the body is aligned on a side plank, with one arm resting on the floor and the other stretched towards the ceiling. Return to the starting plank position and turn to the other side. Alternate with each rep.


Side plank with hip raises

Lying on your side on a mat and footrest, support your forearm and push yourself up to lift your hips up. Go back down and repeat the exercise.


Side Plank with Kneeling Shrug

Get into a side plank position, with your body well aligned as seen in the first image. From there, raise and bring your knee as if you want to touch your chest with it.


Side plank touching opposite foot

Another variant to give an extra intensity to the session. In the side plank position, try to reach for the opposite foot with your hand. Change sides.

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