10 Tips to Avoid Saddlebags – How I Get Rid of Saddlebags

The saddlebags are a matter of genetics. Women are more likely to store fat. However, it is not inevitable if certain reflexes are adopted.

 1. Avoid snacking

Fat that accumulates in the lower body often comes from overeating or eating sugary and / or fatty foods. The body then stores the energy intake it does not need. You must therefore change your eating habits by rebalancing your diet but also by listening as much as possible to the signals of satiety.

 2. Say no to repetitive diets

Strict diets based on food bans do worse than better in the long run. They make you lose weight instantly but then comes the rebound effect. Weight gain is then greater than before and the body has learned to store, hence the appearance of unsightly bulges on the upper thighs and in the buttocks.

 3. Eat the right foods

Choose unprocessed products that are less rich in sugars and fats but with a high nutritional density. Think about fresh and seasonal products and favor satiating foods, that is to say, foods with a low GI, which do not cause insulin spikes in the body and therefore do not call for snacking.

 4. Limit your salt intake

Salt promotes water retention and the appearance of so-called aqueous cellulite. The more salty one consumes, the more cellulite sets in. You should therefore avoid systematically resaling your dishes and avoid buying food that has already been prepared, which is generally always very salty. Likewise, you will limit your intake of sugar and alcohol, which also promote water retention.

 5. Eat fiber

Fiber is a natural component of many foods that serve to aid digestion while trapping the fat we ingest before it settles on our thighs, hips and buttocks. In addition, they help reduce water retention and eliminate aqueous cellulite.

 6. Focus on foods rich in protein

Proteins play a role in the maintenance and development of muscles. They are mainly found in meats, dairy products but also legumes in their vegetable form. By nourishing the muscles, they ensure proper functioning, which allows them to better burn fat.

7. Practice an adapted sport

To reduce saddlebags, physical activity should ideally combine cardio exercises (jogging) and muscle strengthening, particularly by practicing exercises such as squats, slanting, lunges, etc. Swimming is also an excellent sport for losing weight in the lower body, especially if you opt for the crawl and use fins.

 8. To drink a lot of water

Drinking at least 1.5 litre of water per day helps to drain the body and flush out toxins. This improves cell renewal, venous and lymphatic circulation, responsible for water retention, and prevents fat from being stored in the form of unsightly clumps.

9. Palpate-roll

The palpate-roll method consists of pinching the skin between the thumb and forefinger and rolling it under the fingers to break up and dislodge the fatty deposits. It can be practiced at home, by hand or using a machine or at a professional for optimal results.

 10. Apply a good slimming cream

If a slimming cream does not dislodge cellulite on its own, it does help reduce it when combined with a balanced diet and regular physical activity. It must be applied regularly and be concentrated in slimming active ingredients to be effective.

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