How to lose weight by summer

Don’t think that the beach season will pass you by. Do not try to come up with diets that will only harm your metabolism, eat right, adding physical activity. Add foods to your diet to help you lose weight and maintain weight:   Protein New research is proving a link between weight loss and protein intake. If […]

Organic food

If we are talking about diet, then we can pay attention to organic food. They have a huge number of advantages over those products that we are used to receiving on a daily basis. Organic food can be described as organic meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products from animals that are not given antibiotics and growth […]

Caveman Diet

It seems to me that the significance of the film “Avatar” is greatly exaggerated, in my opinion the special effects are the only thing that attracts him so much. With our “Soviet” upbringing, I understood the tragedy of the bourgeoisie (James Cameron “Titanic”) more than the drama of the “proletarian” people of Pandora, the same director. […]

What’s new in losing weight

  To date, a lot has changed in the world of losing weight, or simply taking care of their health. The most important changes have taken place in the field of proper nutrition, which helps us to keep track of our weight and not resort to constant hunger diets, so common in the last century. […]

Eat to lose weight

Increasingly, nutritionists are advising eating to lose weight. If you eat the right food, then calories are burned more easily, the body is saturated with everything it needs. Add these essential foods to your diet and get leaner. Yogurt Nutritionists recommend plain yogurt as the ideal food. The combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can prevent […]

How to lose weight after 40 years

There are various reasons why the body does not so easily give up excess fat after 40 years. And a slowdown in metabolism and the wrong eating habits developed over the years and a complete lack of physical activity. Let’s not forget the fact that after 40 years, most of us have already arranged a personal life […]

How to lose weight after childbirth

After giving birth, many mothers are faced with the problem of excess weight, which is very difficult to get rid of. This also happens due to sleep disturbance and a disturbed daily routine due to caring for a child. But you can’t rush to the first diet that comes across in the magazine, because it is important […]

Have practiced, now you can eat

Fitness is a good thing, pull up, pump up, jump or run everything. In general, what we usually do not do, but still look tired and worn out. Well, if you got to exercise, first of all it happened for a reason, probably, it was tortured by excess weight or dissatisfaction with the appearance. Fitness for women […]

Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe

Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe – How to make easy homemade 3 ingredient jam with blueberries and chia seeds – without pectin – with the video tutorial. Frozen Blueberry Jam Recipe This frozen blueberry jam recipe has only 3 ingredients and is quick and easy to prepare. You don’t need to fuss with pectin or canning, […]

What should you eat before and after your workout?

Summer is ahead and many of us will want to tighten our bodies for the beach season. Increasingly, men and women began to think about how to get a slender figure, tone up and improve their well-being. To do this, you can just walk in the park and ride a bike, and some are fond of more […]